Fish Maw with Shark's Fin Bone Chicken Soup Recipe 花胶鲨鱼骨炖鸡汤食谱

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Fish Maw with Shark's Fin Bone Chicken Soup Recipe 花胶鲨鱼骨炖鸡汤食谱
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Fish maw has rich proteins and nutrients and is good for lady’s skincare. Shark bone helps to enrich the blood. This fish maw with shark’s fin bone chicken soup contains high collagen which is good for lady’s skincare. Ladies, drink more frequent!

花胶含有丰富的蛋白质,可以帮助女士们滋保养颜。而配上鲨鱼骨折可以帮助补血益气。 用花胶和鲨鱼骨来炖鸡汤含有大量骨胶原,对养生美容大有帮助。女士们快煲来喝吧!
Ingredient and Portion
200g "Kampong" chicken (skinless) / 200克马来鸡 或 甘榜鸡(去皮)
50g dried fish maw / 50克 花胶
30g shark's fin bone / 30克鲨鱼骨 或 鱼翅骨
10g dried scallops / 10克 干贝
10g wolfberry / 10克 枸杞 或 杞子
600ml hot water / 600毫升热水

Seasoning / 调味料 :
1 tsp salt / 1小匙盐
1. Cut chicken into pieces, blanch in the boiling water for a short while. Dish out and drain well.

2. In a double boiler, add chicken, fish maw and the rest of ingredients, pour in hot water. Cover the lid, then double boil in a preheated steamer over low heat for 2 hours. Add the seasoning, mix well. Serve hot.
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