Cranberry Biscotti Recipe 蔓越橘脆饼食谱

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Cranberry Biscotti Recipe 蔓越橘脆饼食谱
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Cranberry Biscotti Recipe is easy to make and makes a good pair to your cuppa coffee.
Ingredient and Portion
100g plain flour / 100克 普通面粉
1/4 tsp baking powder / 1/4克 发粉
50g caster sugar / 50克 细砂糖
30g beaten egg / 30克 鸡蛋液
1/8 tsp vanilla essence / 1/8小匙 香草精
40ml fresh milk / 40毫升 鲜奶
40g dried cranberry (chopped) / 40克蔓越橘干(切碎)
1. Combine flour, baking powder and sugar in an electric mixer. Add in the rest of ingredients, mix to forms a soft dough over low speed.

2. With flour palms, roll the dough on floured surface to form long shape. Place on a baking tray. Bake in oven at 200℃ for 15 minutes or until light yellow in colour. Remove and leave to cool completely.
双手沾上面粉,在粉桌上将面团搓接成长条形, 排入烤盘里,盛入烤箱以200℃烘约15分钟或至微黄色,取出待冷却。

3. Slice the half baked biscuit into thinly. Bake in oven at 140℃ for another 20 minutes until crispy. When cool, keep in airtight container.
将半熟的饼干切成薄片,再盛入烤箱以140℃ 烘约20分钟,或至香脆;冷却后储存于不通风罐子。
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