Breath of Fresh Air Recipe 薄荷草莓绿茶食谱

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Breath of Fresh Air Recipe 薄荷草莓绿茶食谱
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An aromatic and tangy juice that delights and refreshes you in the heat of summer just likes breath of fresh air recipe.

这款清香味浓的果汁, 薄荷草莓绿茶在炎炎夏日令人愉快怡神。
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Ingredient and Portion
1 sweet potato / 1个蕃薯
250 g strawberries / 250克草莓
1 fresh root ginger (2 cm) / 1块生姜(2厘米长)
1/2 bunch of mint / 半枝薄荷
500 ml cooled green tea / 500毫升冻绿茶
Ice cubes / 冰块
1 litre water / 1 公升水
1. Cut the sweet potato into eight slices. Using a very sharp knife, remove the seeds and cut off the skin. Cut the sweet potato into smaller pieces if necessary.
将蕃薯切成八块,用利刀去籽去皮, 若有需要可以将蕃薯切成小块。

2. Wash and hull the strawberries. Peel the root ginger. Wash the mint and remove the leaves from the stem.

3. Juice the ginger, then the strawberries and the sweet potato, alternating them.

4. Collect the juice and add the tea and mint leaves. Pour into four glasses and add ice cubes. Serve immediately.
Replace the green tea with any variety of your choice.

Recommended juicer for this recipe can be Tefal Infiny Press Revolution (as image above).
此食谱推荐使用Tefal Infiny Press Revolution(如上图)。
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