Braised Mushroom Chicken with Red Wine Recipe 红酒三菇鸡食谱

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Braised Mushroom Chicken with Red Wine Recipe  红酒三菇鸡食谱
Tender chicken in a tangy, simply with button mushroom, ablone mushroom and red wine sauce makes the dinner simply yummy! Let's follows step by step with braised mushroom chicken with red wine recipe.

嫩滑的鸡肉、蘑菇、鲍鱼菇和红酒等如此简单的食材也能煮出令人垂涎三尺的红酒三菇鸡,跟着步骤step by step!
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Ingredient and Portion
300g chicken with bone(cut bite size) / 鸡肉带骨 300克(切块)
4 mushroom (soak and halved) / 干香菇 4朵(泡软对切)
6 button mushroom / 蘑菇 6朵
6 ablone mushroom / 鲍鱼菇 6朵
1 bowl shredded ginger / 姜丝 1小碗
1 stalk spring onion / 葱段 1根

3 tbsp chinese red wine / 红酒 3大匙
1/2 tsp salt / 盐 1/2 茶匙
1/2 tsp sesame oil / 麻油 1/2 茶匙
1/2 tsp soy sauce / 酱油 1/2 茶匙
1/2 tsp sugar / 糖 1/2 茶匙
some cooking oil / 油 少许
1. Heat oil in wok, saute chopped ginger till fragrant, set aside.(pic 1)

2. Add sesame oil in the same wok, stir fry chicken till half cook, add in sugar, salt and soy sauce, mix well.(pic 2)

3. Pour in water and red wine, cover with lid and simmer for 10 minutes, add in all the remaining ingredients and fry well. Toss in ginger crisp and spring onion before dish out.(pic 3-4)
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