Braised Duck with Fermented bean Curd Recipe 卤鸭食谱

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Braised Duck with Fermented bean Curd Recipe 卤鸭食谱
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Many of the people wouldn't try braised duck with fermented bean curd as they tried hard to get rid of that smell from the duck meat? Not many recipe will teach you this, but here is it! Read below to know more!

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Ingredient and Portion
Ingredients / 材料
1/2 duck / 鸭 1/2只
2 pieces galangal / 南姜 2片

Braise Sauce / 卤鸭料
2 pieces red fermented bean curd / 红腐乳 2块
1 tbsp five-spice powder / 五香粉 1汤匙
3 tbsp light soy sauce / 酱油/生抽 3汤匙
1 tbsp dark soy sauce / 黑酱油 1汤匙
1 tbsp sugar / 糖 1汤匙
Preparation / 准备工作
Rinse the duck and chop into chunks.

Method / 做法
1. Mix red fermented bean curd with sugar and then combine with light soy sauce, five-spice powder and dark soy sauce. Mix well.

2. Pour the Braise Sauce over the duck chunks. Mix until well combined. Add galangal. Set aside to marinate for ½ hour.
倒在鸭肉上,拌匀。加入南姜。搁旁,腌半小 时。

3. Prepare a pot. Pour in marinated duck chunks. Pour in 2 cups of water.

4. Braise over low heat for 45 minutes. Keep stirring and overturn the duck chunks during braising process.
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