Braised Baby Abalones with Morel Gravy Recipe 红烧羊肚菌汁小鲍鱼食谱

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Braised Baby Abalones with Morel Gravy Recipe 红烧羊肚菌汁小鲍鱼食谱
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Let's having a wonderful meal during the reunion night! One of the fovourite dish during the Chinese New Year, braised baby abalones with morel gravy, looked beautiful and tasty. Try it today, you will indulge on the taste too.

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A Blissful Reunion Recipe 过年真好食谱
A Blissful Reunion Recipe 过年真好食谱
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Ingredient and Portion
SERVES 8-10 / 8-10分

Ingredients A (Morel Gravy) / 材料A(羊肚菌酱汁)
300g Chinese cabbage/wong bok, trimmed / 津白菜(切段) 300克
800ml unseasoned fresh chicken stock / 无调味鲜鸡汤 800毫升
6-8pcs morel mushrooms, soaked till soft / 羊肚菌 6-8朵
2 slices old ginger / 老姜 2片
2 tbsp concentrated chicken stock / 浓缩鸡精露 2汤匙
some cornstarch solution (for thickening) / 玉米粉水(勾芡用) 适量

Ingredient B / 材料B
1 can baby abalones (10-12 count) / 罐装小鲍鱼(10头-12头)1罐

Garnishing / 装饰配料
6-8 pcs baby naibai green, blanched / 小奶白菜(烫熟) 6-8棵
1. Boil Chinese cabbage with fresh chicken stock. Reduce to a simmer and add in morel mushrooms and ginger. Braise for 20 minutes. Drain, reserve the cabbage, mushrooms and stock. Discard the ginger slices.

2. Braised abalones in the reserved cabbage and morel stock for 15 minutes.

3. Place cabbage on a serving dish. Remove abalones from gravy and arrange over the cabbages. Add in morel mushrooms and naibai greens.

4. Season gravy with concentrated chicken stock. Thicken slightly with cornstarch solution and spoon gravy over the abalones.

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