Baked Black Pepper Salted Chicken Recipe 黑椒盐焗咸鸡食谱

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Baked Black Pepper Salted Chicken Recipe 黑椒盐焗咸鸡食谱
Being tired of the original taste of salted chicken? Try another flavour of salted chicken to enhance your appetite.Let's have a recipe of baked black pepper salted chicken! Enjoying a new flavour to start your new day!

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Famous Cuisine 名食谱 第84期
Baked Black Pepper Salted Chicken Recipe 黑椒盐焗咸鸡食谱
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Ingredient and Portion
Ingredients A / 材料A
1/2 country chicken / 1/2只菜园鸡/白切鸡
500g sea salt / coarse salt / 500克海盐/粗盐
1 greaseproof paper / 1张油纸

Ingredients B / 材料B
1 tbsp black pepper corns / 1大匙 黑胡椒粒
1 tbsp pepper corns / 1大匙 胡椒粒
2 tbsp ginger juice / 2大匙 姜汁
2 tbsp LP sauce / 2大匙 LP酱
2 tbsp salt / 2大匙 盐巴
1 tsp sugar / 1小匙 糖
1. Rinse chicken and pat-dry, rub all over chicken with the ingredients B mixture, then clingwrap and marinate for 4-5 hours.

2. Remove chicken and cleaned, drain well. Next, wrap with greased paper.

3. Spread a baking tray with half of sea salt and level the surface, then lay chicken packet over. Cover the chicken with the remaining sea salt.

4. Bake in the preheated oven at 250℃ for 45-50 minutes till cooked thorough. Remove from heat, cut into bite-sized and serve.

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