Baked Apple Crisp Cheesecake Recipe 苹果芝士蛋糕食谱

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Baked Apple Crisp Cheesecake Recipe 苹果芝士蛋糕食谱
Bake some cakes this week! Its been a while since you've last baked one. What about Apple Crisp Cheesecake? Simple and easy, your guests will sure to enjoy it! Get the best recipe here.

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Baked Apple Crisp Cheesecake Ingredients 苹果芝士蛋糕材料
Baked Apple Crisp Cheesecake Recipe 苹果芝士蛋糕食谱
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Ingredient and Portion
Base Ingredients / 底层材料
220g digestive biscuits(crushed) / 消化饼220克(捣碎)
30g brown sugar / 黄糖30克
150g melted TATURA Butter / 溶解TATURA Butter 150克

Filling A: / 馅料 A:
1000g TATURA cream cheese(at room temperature) / TATURA Cream Cheese1000克(室温)
1 tsp salt / 盐1茶匙
100 g caster sugar / 细糖100克
1 Tbsps cornflour / 栗米粉1汤匙
20 g plain flour / 普通面粉20克
4 “Grade A’ eggs / A蛋4粒
115g PAUL’s Sour Cream / PAUL’s Sour Cream 115克
135 ml PAUL’s Thickened Cream / PAUL’s Thickened Cream135毫升

Filling B: / 馅料 B:
600-700 g ready made poached apples (store bought)/ 现买烫熟苹果600克
150g castor sugar / 细糖150克
2 tsps ground cinnamon / 2 茶匙桂皮粉

For the crumb topping / 顶料
115 g plain flour / 普通面粉115克
2 tsps ground cinnamon / 桂皮粉2茶匙
120 g brown sugar / 黄糖120克
1⁄4 tsp salt / 盐1⁄4茶匙
60g walnuts(chopped) / 核桃60克(剁碎)
85g TATURA Butter / TATURA Butter 85克

Caramel drizzle / 糖浆
200g caster sugar / 幼糖200克
50g TATURA Butter / TATURA Butter 50克
140 ml PAUL’s Sour Cream / PAUL’s Sour Cream 140毫升
10” loose bottom cake pan (greased & wrapped over with foil) / 10寸可卸烤盘(涂油后以铝箔包扎)
1. To prepare base: In a bowl, combine the cracker crumbs, brown sugar; stir in butter. Press onto the bottom of pan coated some extra butter; set aside. Chill in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. (pic 1)
底层做法:把饼干碎、黄糖和TATURA Butter混合,然后压在烤盘底部,放入冰箱10分钟。(图1)

2. To prepare crumble topping: combine the flour, brown sugar, salt, walnut and cinnamon in a bowl. Cut in TATURA Butter until crumbly. Set aside.
顶层做法:把顶料的面粉、黄糖、盐、核桃及桂皮粉混合,然后把TATURA Butter切粗粒拌入。

3. To prepare cheese filling: use an electric beater; beat TATURA cream cheese, salt and sugar until smooth. Add egg, beat on low speed just until combined. Beat in sifted flours and stir in the PAUL’s Sour Cream and Thickened Cream. (pic 2-3)
馅料做法用电动搅拌器把TATURA Cream Cheese、盐及糖搅拌至发起,然后加入鸡蛋,慢速搅拌至混合,然后再加入筛过的面粉,PAUL’s Sour Cream及Thickened Cream。(图2-3)

4. Pour half of the cheese filling over base. Combine the sugar with cinnamon powder in a bowl. Roll each piece of poached apple in the cinnamon sugar mixture. Arrange apple slices over filling. Pour the balance cheese filling over.(pic 4-6)

5. Pour all the crumbles over and bake cheesecake in a water bath for 1 hour @ 180℃ or until center is almost set. Turn off heat and leave the cheesecake in the oven for another 30 minutes.(pic 7)

6. Open the oven door, and leave the cheesecake to cool in the oven completely.

7. Chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours before slicing and serving with drizzled caramel.

To prepare caramel / 糖浆做法
1. In a heavy based pot, cook sugar until brown. Add in TATURA Butter and turn off heat. Be careful the sugar will bubble over.
用深锅把糖煮至黄,然后加入TATURA Butter后熄火。

2. Slowly add PAUL’s Sour Cream and stir until caramel is mixed. Turn on the fire again and simmer for 2 minutes or until caramel is thickened. Leave to cool. (pic 8)
慢慢加入PAUL’s Sour Cream,然后搅拌均匀,再起火,以小火搅拌2分钟至糖浆形成,待凉后才用。(图8)
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