Assam Sioh Du Chiu Nyonya Recipe 亚参烧猪手娘惹食谱

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Assam Sioh Du Chiu Nyonya Recipe 亚参烧猪手娘惹食谱
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A bowl of collagen and gelatine that comes from this recipe of Assam Sioh Du Chiu (Roasted Trotter) in Nyonya style!
Ingredient and Portion
Ingredients A /材料A
700g roasted trotter (chunked) / 700克烧猪手(剁块)
1 litre water / 1公升清水

Ingredients B (mix well) /材料B (拌匀)
100g tamarind paste / 100克 亚参膏
500ml water / 500毫升 清水

Ingredients C /材料C
2 lemongrass / 2支香茅
10g dried chilies / 10克辣椒干
10g tamarind slices / 10克亚参皮
10 red shallots / 10粒红葱头
1 head smoked garlic / 1球火蒜

Seasoning /调味料
1/2 tsp salt / 1/2小匙盐
3 tbsp sugar / 3大匙砂糖
1) ln a pot, add all the ingredients C, then put in tamarind water and water, bring to boil at high heat. Once boiled, reduce to medium heat and cover lid. Cook for 15 minutes.

2) Add the trotter pieces and seasoning, bring to boil again. Then, reduce to low heat, let it simmer for 40 minutes until the trotter is tender. Serve hot.
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