Asam Ce Pak Kuk Nyonya Recipe 亚参蒸排骨娘惹食谱

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Asam Ce Pak Kuk Nyonya Recipe 亚参蒸排骨娘惹食谱
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Spicy but sour and its so appetizing to be eaten with a bowl of rice. This Peranakan Asam Ce Pak Kuk Nyonya recipe is so delicious that everyone will finish it up for sure!
Ingredient and Portion
Ingredients A / 材料A :
500g spare rib (cut into pieces) / 500克 排骨(剁块)
6 bird’s eye chilies(diced) / 6条 朝天椒(切粒)
1 1/2 tbsp chopped garlic / 1 1/2大匙 蒜茸
1/2 tbsp cornstarch / 1/2大匙 粟粉
1 tbsp cooking oil / 1大匙 食油

Ingredients B (mix well) /材料B (拌匀):
50g Tamarind paste / "Assam" paste / 50克 亚参膏
50ml water / 50毫升 清水

Seasoning: /调味料:
2 tbsp lime juice / 2大匙 酸柑汁
3 tbsp caster sugar / 3大匙 细砂糖
2 tbsp salted soy beans / 2大匙 粒状豆酱
1 tbsp light soy sauce / 1大匙 酱油
1. Mix spare rib with the remaining ingredients, tamarind water and seasoning,then put onto a steaming plate.

2. Steam in the preheated steamer, cover and steam over high heat for 20 minutes till cooked. Remove from heat, serve hot.
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