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friedricelicious  Smile  2012-07-13
To get a good fried rice, they said the rice must be dry enough, so it won't stick together when you fried them. Yet it must not be too dry until when you eat it, you feel very thirsty. Luckily this restaurant serve the right fried ric...

charsiewlicious  Smile  2012-07-13
One day I passed by this row of shop. Was attracted with the front door design. Flipped through the menu and flip through again. Most of the food here seems like delicious for me. I always have the urge to eat as much char siew as p...

egglicious  Smile  2012-07-02
I like to order this dish when I go eat sushi. Mainly because they have six pieces and then I can eat wasabi six times by dipping them. The egg is very sweet and nice. But dont leave it expose too long. Or else the sushi will start to...
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