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chinese affair!  Smile  2016-06-30
Do not underestimate the fried hokkien noodles with seafood was the chef has imparted a decent wok hei and nice flavor to the noodles. Though I was pretty full by the time the noodles was served, I still simply could not resist it and alm...

coffee day!  Smile  2016-06-30
I had the opportunity to have a cup of flat white to go with the cakes. I loved how the velvety foam matched with the aromatic sip which was truly memorable. Aside from that, I also had a slice of the Amai Genmai cake to go with my cof...

japanese frenzy!  Smile  2016-06-30
The pumpkin tempura was lovely, the batter as delicate as you could wish, the pumpkin fresh and sweet. The pumpkin was amazingly tender on the inside, crisp on the outside. The outerlayer of batter coating it was just nice without bei...
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