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Sri Malaya is a restaurant which is serving a wide range of western cuisines.Grill lamb chop This dish is the grill lamb chop. The sauce for the grill lamb chop is the black pepper sauce. It was very rich in pepper taste and will no...

Soho Free House  Smile  2013-12-31
Soho Free House is a restaurant which is serving a wide range of western cuisines.Bolognese spaghetti and hawaian pizza This dish is the bolognese spaghetti and Hawaiian pizza. The pizza crust is thin and crunchy. The pizza is al...

Small Potato Cafe  Smile  2013-12-31
Small Potato is a restaurant which is serving a wide range of seafood related cuisines.Cheese Baby Scallop This dish is the cheese baby scallop. The scallop is quite fresh. It tasted very sweet and is very cheesy. I really like th...
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