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This is chuichui520 living in Serdang. I also love Steamboat/Hotpot, Juices / Bubble Tea / Tea / Yogurt, Mixed rice.
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Cake  Smile  2015-06-21
This is a very special cake because full with nut and walnut. Usually we seldom found a cake that is black sesame but RT Pastry did sell this types of cake I highly recommend this cake for all as a birthday cake The taste for this ...

pizza  Smile  2013-12-12
很美味的pizza哦 Papa John的pizza跟pizza hut的有些不一样噢 这里的pizza比较薄而且没那么多的cheese价钱还算公道 如果买large的就比较划算噢 这里的环境很美而且又干净还有很安静 适合在这里聊天

Madam Kwan  Smile  2013-10-02
在KLCC你会看到miss kwan还有madam kwan噢 可是却没有去试吃过 今天我去到mid valley突然想试下madam kwan的食物 然后我点了这个fish and chip 满好吃的噢 有salad菜,薯条,还有那个鱼不会太过的腥噢 而且啊~这里的环境给我的感觉就像是高级餐厅...
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