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This is Fredzhai living in Cheras. I am a software engineer, work in Bukit Bintang. I like to hang out in Cheras, Ampang, Bukit Bintang. German, International/Western are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café, Restaurant and Burgers / Sandwiches, Seafood.
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Fredzhai  Level 4
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Hi, i like to eat so much. my hobby is eat eat eat and eat. i like to take photo of food. i like to write review of all restaurant. i like to recommend my friends whether which restaurant's food is nice or bad,
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我对这里的食物只有称赞而已。虽然上菜有点慢,但食物味道绝对不错,而且便宜又大份。点了这肉碎豆腐。;汁很好吃。而且很香。这水蛋有点过分,虽然看起来很大碟,但分量很少。这是asam 鱼。鱼肉很新鲜。

korean bbq  Smile  2013-02-26
korean food is one of my favorite food. almost eat korean food twice in a month. today i went to this seoul korean restaurant with my brother. 1st time tried it. we ordered one kimchi, pork and beef. the portion of pork and beef were very b...
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