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A scientist. A food lover. A happiness collector.
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Simple lunch  Smile  2012-08-14
I went to Marmalade cafe the other day with mate to have a quick simple lunch. I always love their interior deco, very bright yet cozy. I had the Lebanese wrap with turkey ham and spinach filling. The generous amount of spinach sort of ...

Durian dessert  Smile  2012-08-07
It was my first visit to this dessert place, and I quite like its interior deco, quite unique. Not knowing what is good in the shop, I ordered my favourite durian dessert - the durian pancake! It took quite a while for the dessert to ...

Love it!  Smile  2012-08-07
I love the fact that you can choose your sugar content at Gong Cha, that provides an option for customers to get the drink that suits their pellet better, and of course, good news for health-concious bunch! It was a rainy day and I orde...
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