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This is Yeyyee living in Cheras. I work in Cheras.
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kurtos spiroll  OK  2015-09-03
Thanks Openrice for the food tasting invitation for me to try this bread that I never heard before. The first time I try this kind of 'dessert', please allow me to call that as the taste of the bread was sweet. I have chosen the orig...

sushi zanmai  OK  2015-09-03
Was so happy that I could finally have sushi after so long as sushi is one of my favourite foods among other cuisines. However it was so disappointing me as the taste was so different from the one I had on last month. the rice are loose a...

Bavarian Bierhaus  Smile  2013-10-03
It is desserts time! Strawberry Chocolate MousseEnrich of chocolate mousse with almonds, strawberry slices, and strawberry sauces. Recommended for chocolate fans. German PancakesIt named as simple as that. It was fluffy and...
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many types of spiroll available
many types of spiroll av..
was so disappointed. .
was so disappointed. .
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