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I am a 38 years old boy.
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A Little Fun In JB  Smile  2016-12-13
Breakfast with my girlfriend on Sunday morning. This cup of Kopi-O is definitely affordable to drink by all Malaysians.Enjoyed the day with her and this is one of the tastier laksa (36 years heritage) I've had in Malaysia....

Organic Meals  Smile  2015-12-22
What better way to spend a weekend after a gruelling stressful week at work, so U Live Member organised 1 Day Farm Tour To Johor Bahru on 20 December 2015. Zenxin Organic Park in Kluang, Malaysia is an hour and a hal...

This mooncakes were sponsored by M/s Fermax Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. Reason for them to choose this brand is Lavender Confectionery and Bakery Sdn. Bhd. is sticking to what it knows best - lotus paste. In addition, it has...
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Too  bad,  crispy  noodle  is  not  in  light  brown  egg  sauce  with  pork,  shrimp,  scallops  and  clamps.
Too  bad,  crispy ..
Taiwanese  cuisine
Taiwanese  cuisine
Bagus  dan  enak.
Bagus  dan  enak.
Lunch  with  my  mother  on  15  July  2017  2.23  p.m.
Lunch  with  my  m..
KIMDO  Single  Bone  Chicken  Wing
KIMDO  Single ..
Lunch  with  Mr.  Keith  Te  on  01  May  2017.
Lunch  with  Mr. ..
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