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I live to eat <3

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Pasta  Smile  2014-06-25
Meatball Alfredo Carbonara - RM 7.99. Beside this, I also ordered a glass of iced Milo at RM 2.30 (not pictured). The pasta came in the form of spaghetti, and the sauce was like a mix between bolognaise and carbonara ...

Roasted Delight  Smile  2014-06-25
Roasted Chicken Rice - RM 5.60. This roasted chicken rice came with a generous amount of chicken, chicken broth and a small cup of chili sauce. The chicken rice was very fragrant and flavorful, the roasted chicken was juicy...

Malaysian Fast Food  Smile  2014-06-25
Feeling hungry after playing at Genting Theme Park, I stopped by Marrybrown to have late lunch. It was my first time trying Marrybrown, and I expected it to be good.Nasi Marrybrown - RM 11.50. It's a mix between wester...
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