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Deep Fried Bun  OK  2013-05-31
I ordered the deep fried bun to go with the crab. I remembered the last time i visited this place with my friends, they were sold out of the buns. I always felt i have not finished the job if i don't come back for the second time and have...

Famous Bowl Combo  Cry  2013-05-31
I have no idea why this is named the famous bowl combo. Honestly speaking, you can get better food from KFC, but definitely not this famous bowl. The famous bowl is a pathetic small bowl, some chicken rice in it, some small cubes of ...

cheesy wedges  OK  2013-05-31
In KFC, i do not like their french fries at all. I think that their french fries are very poor compared to McDonald's french fries. Their better option is the potato wedges with melted cheese and mayonnaise. I am alright with the...
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jmlkl8 2014-07-11 12:38
My favourite food - the best Beef Noodles in Restoran ...
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