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This is WendyLee living in Kuala Lumpur City Center. I am a MIS, work in Kuala Lumpur City Center. I like to hang out in Kuala Lumpur City Center, Petaling Jaya (North). Korean, Chinese, Western variety, Arabian are my favorite cuisines. I also love Hotel Dining, Bar & Pub, Café, Sporting and optimistic life philosopher and Desserts, Any delish food that is cheese-related.
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KAMPONG KRAVERS Smile Oct 23, 2015   
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Categories : Malaysian variety | Café | Sweets/Snack

Welcome to Kampong Kravers, a local establishment serving what’s best loved by Malaysian.

You could expect a variety of authentic Malaysian delicacies made fresh without any preservatives, colouring or artificial flavorings but yet still serving the local delights deliciously.

Been gracing the taste buds of many of us here at its Lot 10 Hutong outlet since Dec 2014, Kampong Kravers is more famously known for its uber crispy and a healthier version of what’s our favourite breakfast other than nasi lemak? It’s curry puffs!

This old family recipe of curry puffs are oven-baked till crispy thus explains the lesser miserable oil dripping fuss that we often encounter and yet still incredibly served up with assorted flavours to whet your discerning palate. As such, it’s best eaten warm once dished up to secure that yummy crunch hot from oven, and yet would not induce any overt guilt.


Foodies could help themselves from mutton massala, apple custard, spicy tuna, durian, sweet potato, spicy anchovy, sardine, cempedak and many more. And yea, there are some interesting new sweet twist being introduced such as the cempedak, which also reminds me of the cempedak cake from Swich Café. Hmmm, how can’t I recall such cheeky varieties during my early childhood yea? (=

You are bound to be spoilt for choices with so much tempting fillings to win your palate over.

Generally they are available in two sizes, either the regular or the XL, both are easy to eat even if you are always on the go as relevant packaging are available for the respective purpose.



And for the city folks especially the busy working people, these ready-to-used homemade pastes would make your meal preparation for the family much easier. It is conveniently packed, using a blend of the freshest ingredients of herbs and spices from a homey recipe, making home-cooked food never been so easy and nutritious. In a short while, you’d see the awesome kick from the sambal paste being used in their savory dishes which we’re about to review later that includes nasi lemak and chicken curry.

Kampong Kravers’s ready-to-use curry paste contains no MSG, no added preservatives, no artificial colouring and 100% Halal.

Other Kampong condiments that call for more Kraving are the Extremely spicy “hot bilis” and Healthy Lemongrass, Ginger & Pandan Herbal Tea, priced at MYR10.50 and MYR 26.40 respectively.

Decent coffee choices are
also available here.

WHITE COFFEE (MYR6.30– Iced/ MYR5.20-Hot) White coffee sweetened with rock sugar.

HONEY LIME+ ASAM BOI (MYR6.30– Iced/ MYR5.20-Hot) Refreshing and thirst quenching. However, tad sweet for me.

SPICED CHAI TEA (MYR6.30– Iced/ MYR5.20-Hot)
Perfect-spiced tea mixed with frothed milk.

Soon time to reveal the much celebrated flaky and healthy puffs, hot from the oven!

XL SPIRAL KARIPAP (MYR3.10 each/ Package: 2 for MYR5.20)

The Xtra Large Karipaps, flavours of curries wrapped in our special spiral flacky buttered pastry! Available in Chicken & Egg, Mutton Masala, Sardine & more flavour to come. Awesome!


REGULAR SPIRAL KARIPAP ( MYR2.40 each or 3 for MYR5.20)

All time favourite. Available in Chicken, Mutton, Sardine, Spicy Anchovy, Chilli Tuna, Mushroom Mayo and Sweet Potato.


SWEET SPIRALKARIPAP ( MYR2.40 each or 3 for MYR5.20)

A sweet twist to your karipap. Available in Cempedak, Durian and Apple Custard.

Love the durian paste! Yum yum.....


Malaysian local favourite using high quality and low glycemic index basmati rice for the sugar cautious, served with aromatic kampong chicken curry with potato.

The nasi lemak Basmati comes with sambal chili, crispy anchovies and roasted peanuts. I especially enjoy the rice texture very much with its flavourful taste and fluffiness at the same time. The sambal is also another kick, very addictive! MIHUN BRIYANI AYAM BEREMPAH (MYR10.50)

Briyani Mihun with ayam berempah, sambal condiments.A slight different rendition of the usual biryani which uses rice most of the time, this recipe showcase it in vermivelli style, stir-fried to fragrance and accompanied by the thoroughly marinated house secret recipe of ayam berempah (Spiced chicken). Tender and moist from inner out.


Roti Jala(laced pancakes) are made fresh using finest spices or herbs, natural colours and flavouring from fruits such as Yellow (tumeric), Green (Pandan Leaves), Purple (Dragonfruit) and Orange (Carrot).

Served hot alongside with aromatic free ranch chicken (kampong chicken) curry with potato.



Kampong Kravers Kaya are made from eggs, coconut milk, sugar and pandan leaves, with no added MSG, no added preservatives or colouring! Made fresh daily, served with butter and toast!

Homemade cakes with no preservatives, hence best consumed within 2 days.

SUGEE CAKE (MYR5.20 each slice/ Loaf: MYR20.10)

Light hint of buttery with a spongy texture

MOIST CHOCOLATE CAKE (MYR6.30 each slice/ Loaf: MYR24.30)

Unexpectedly mouthwatering with its moist chocolaty and simply indulgence. Thumbs up!

KOLONIAL CREAM PUFFS (MYR2.80 each/ Package: 3 for MYR5.20)

All time favourite, cream puff! With your preferred choice of filling of Custard and Vanilla.


KOLONIAL CREAMPUFFS (MYR3.10 each Package: 3 for MYR6.30)

For more exciting taste, try this cutesy puff with Cempedak and Durian cream.Take Away Lunch Sets and Meeting Packages are also catered.Check out their menu and find out the nearest available kiosks and cafes. Currently, Kampong Kravers kiosks can be found at Nu Sentral, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Lot 10 Hutong, Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya, IOI City Mall in Putrajaya, Skypark Subang Terminal and its main HQ at Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya.

Cheers for now and Carpe Diem! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤

Location: LOT 10 HUTONG, CAFÉ H19, LG, Lot 10 Shopping Centre ,50 Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours: 10am – 10 pm



Date of Visit: Jul 11, 2015 

Other Ratings:
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 4  |  
 4  |  
 4  |  
Value for Money

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LE PONT BOULANGERIE Smile Oct 23, 2015   
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Categories : French | Café | Pizza/Pasta | Burgers / Sandwiches

It was exactly monthversary when we visited Le Pont Boulagerie which opens its door to public on 4 June 2015 during a soft launch. Even then, words have got around excitingly among epicureans of Klang Valley, and eventually, the beckoning signal reaches our gastronomic radar (=




Le Pont means "The Bridge" in French. Like the name suggests, this is a place where the gaps are bridged and ideas are connected over good food and drinks.


There are 2 upper floors for dine in basically with the Ground Floor meant for take-away, which also houses the pastry kitchen helmed by Chef Fadzly and his team, whilst the dehydrated guests could get their thirst quenched at Beverage & Bar counter at First Floor and the final Second Floor opened to public is where savory kitchen is situated to dish up scrumptious repast by chefs seasoned with 3-Michelin star experience to whet your palate discerningly.


While anchoring French pastry as its backbone, the carte du jour interestingly covers various cuisines, ranging from modern European and Italian, as well as imparting some Japanese flair too.


F&B quality is utmost emphasized here, even preparing just a normal lemon tea but great details and efforts are added to it, and this synergy is what actually manoeuvring the business briskly behind Le Pont Boulangerie.


Embarked with an élan wooden décor, copious with multi-faceted vintage setting, this French bakery café is poised to draw you over for what is defined by true panache of authentic French boulangerie, pleasantly served at a truly affordable price.

Coming from the idea of interconnecting each other, the union concept is indeed intensely showcased in its contemporary interior design and asymmetrical built-up that exudes a sense of simplicity harmoniously but elegantly set forth at the same time, as well as reflective of its fusional bill of fare.


At Le Pont, from soup to salad, there’s no appetite too big or small. Get ready to relish from…….. Le Pont Mushroom Soup (MYR 9.90) Served with house special sauteed mushroom toast

Pumpkin Soup with Mustard Seed and Squids Salsa (MYR 13.90) Smooth and creamy pumpkin soup with a twist of tanginess

There is even Beet Root Soup, but only available with a combo set, not ala carte yet. A refreshingly light and squeaky-clean palate to beet root fans, an acquired taste to some otherwise.

Salad Nicoise (MYR 13) The classic French salad with green bean, tuna, chopped egg and shallot vinaigrette.

Le Pont Caesar Salad (MYR 13) Special Le Pont Caesar salad comes with a slow-cooked egg, crispy fried white bait, seaweed croutons and shaved parmesan cheese

Aioli with Seasonal Vegetables (MYR 9.90) The traditional French way to enjoy seasonal veggies. Isn't it a vibrant hors d'oeuvre? ^_^

Le Pont crudités comes with house made pickles especially the radish, which tasted zestily tangy! On top of that, the carrot sticks are really crunchy and i never imagine cauliflower could actually be enjoyed raw (being the typical Chinese) and it's so crisp! The aioli complements well but i don't mind it to be more garlicky, yum!

Sandwich Combo (MYR 22.30)

The ‘best hits’ from selection of sandwiches, ranging from beef sandwich, smoked salmon sandwich, tuna egg sandwich and vegetarian sandwich, comes with truffle fries and garden salad.

Amusingly, my personal hits were the eggy tuna and vegetarian type. The seemingly kelp is wonderfully interwoven in its Japanese flair as well as the vegetarian nosh that gave a tough rival with its flavouful grilled greens too, somehow also reminds me of the ratatouille. Yum yum!


Feta cheese, zesty salsa verde and marinated capsicum

Smoked Salmon

Sliced cucumber and farm tomato some gold flakes

Tuna Egg

Marinated seaweed and farm tomato with some silver flakes


Grilled zucchini, eggplant, red onion, capsicum and topped with basil sauce

As suggested by Le Pont, no spoon is required in enjoying these simply hearty grubs!

Up next is from the hot kitchen to your tastebud with tenderly prepared house specials that gonna please your palate decadently.

Braised Beef Brisket (MYR 33.80) Perfectly cooked beef brisket served with buttery potato puree and ratatouille. Meat was tenderly cooked thankfully, and easily to fork through the succulence.

When it comes to serving the freshest and finest ingredients to the best selection of pastas, always prepare it al dente. Anchovy Linguine (MYR 17 
Pasta tossed with anchovy sauce, seasoned with seaweed, then topped with chopped parsley. Daintily served with anchovy grissino (long slender crusty breadstick) that delightfully executed with the mild brininess. Ideal pick for people who is not so keen on creamy based pasta but appreciates subtle shade of gravy.

Squid Risotto (MYR 18.80) Classic white risotto (cheese based) with sautéed squid. I like it as 80% cooked for the perfect nuance

Soon beverage and coffee to refresh, calm or excite you, just like the affagoto. From Les Classique; Rose Latte (MYR 12.50)

Affogato (MYR 12) Premium inhouse made vanilla gelato using fresh vanilla pods to pamper you with the delicate velvet-textured. Only specially available with affogato only.


……….and the rich indulgent Hot Chocolate (MYR 11)

And certainly not calling it a day without taking away some of the mouthwatering freshly baked pastries!

Almond Danish (MYR 4.90)

Sundried Tomato with Basil (MYR 4.50) Really love the freshly made and preservative-free loaf, spongy and saporous. I particularly love the sweet-sourish of the sun dried tomatoes that blends really well with the basil, which is also one of my favourite herb. Yum yum!

Mini Croissant (MYR 1.50) The version of ‘krwah-sahn’ (as pronounced by the native, hehe) from Le Pont doesn’t fall far from the tree of a good French croissant. Each bite is fluffily flaky and most importantly, soft and buttery at the same time.


There's a simple elegance illustrated from the first course of bright veggies, fresh herbs, scrumptious soups, tantalizing entrées to aromatic cup of joe using its ‘Bridging blend’. From classic to modern flavors, the gastronomic journey takes you to an impeccable start then en route to wrapping up the meal on a satisfying note. From the first bite to the last sip, bliss!

Cheers and Carpe Diem! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤


Location: 6, Jalan 1/137C, Bedford Business Park, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact: +603 783 0900

Business Hours: 12pm- 12am (Sun – Thurs) 12pm - 2am (Every Fri, Sat and eve of Public Holidays)


Date of Visit: Jul 13, 2015 

Other Ratings:
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 4  |  
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 4  |  
Value for Money

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THE SCOT'S  Smile Oct 22, 2015   
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Categories : Western variety | Restaurant | Pizza/Pasta | Seafood

Located at one of Petaling Jaya’s chic entertainment and dining pulse, The School at Jaya One, is where The Scot’s is, offering whisky connoisseurs as well as food aficionados a diverse selection of scotch whiskies and scrumptious cuisine to match their remarkable expectations.

A dedicated bar, adjacent to the entrance of The Scot’s, offers an amiable setting for cocktails and pre-dinner drinks. It is the place where fond memories of the past are shared and new friendships are formed.

Specializing in 122 types of single malt and blended whiskies as well as featuring a wide range of international wines and imported premium beers, The Scot’s brilliantly complements these drinks with an exceptional food menu alongside chef special tapas menu for those looking for some light bites to accompany their dining and wining moment.

Step into The Scot’s and your gaze will fall upon its impressive interior; the dark wooden flooring paves the way for patrons while the old brick wall effect and designer lights beckon you to immerse yourself in the warmth of this place. Ah, they do cater for more opulence enclave should you have wider budget in mind for their 2 different themed VIP rooms.

Its interior provides a warm and inviting sight for weary eyes. The Scot’s contemporary take on a whisky bar creates an atmosphere of ease for patrons to feel unperturbed and ready to indulge.


Deep fried squid with salted egg yolk and served with meculin salad.

Each squid ring is very crisply chewy and deliciously coated with the salted egg batter that tastes really good in fact. It gets so additive that they are gone within seconds and certainly, one of the recommended dish to try here.


Deep fried bacon onion ring served with chilli garlic sauce and meculin salad


Another appetizer that resembles my previous cerviche experience.



Fried rice served with bacon and prawn. A marriage of Western-Eastern fusion, the rice is woofed up with the right ‘wok hei’ and each grain of rice is fluffily flavoured, furthered enhance by the bacon savory with the juicy huge prawn.


Crispy pork roulade stuffed with cheese and ham, served with Japanese java curry sauce accompanied with mashed potato and asparagus.

A familiar sight for those who enjoy cheese and ham, this cordon blue takes a fresher twist by using pork instead of the usual chicken or fish. Love the crunchy crunch of the asparagus but would be better if the meat is moister and perhaps, a little more helping of cheese gravy would be helpful.


Glass noodle served with river prawn. Strings of slurp-worthy glass noodles delectably dished up with the saporous sauce, accompanied by springy prawns which are really fresh I must say.

Now we have charcoal grill skewer, some pretty decent alternative to our recent yakitori feast from Gyu-Kaku yeah? (=


The cutlets of squids are indeed beautifully skewered and glazed with special sauce.




A rather more luscious and gratifying grubs, this pork belly is perfectly grilled to perfection to achieve the right tenderness for the supreme succulence, Adequately smothered with caramelized sauce for some sweetness that indirectly reminds me of enjoying char siew too. Thumbs up!


What’s best to wrap up the fabulous fête other than white wine, coupled with some crystal-clear premium sky juice; from refreshing citrus beverages to a tough rival of the
usual stout?

Tennents Stout (MYR 42/pint)

This Scotland stout boasts a much smoother running in the palate, compared to the mass.

Chateau Michel Lynch Blanc (MYR 42/glass, MYR 198/bottle)

Very pale colour with silver glints, heady nose of white flowers, highlighted with notes of pink grapefruit and pineapple on agitation. The mouth is rich and fresh possessing a fine aromatic finish on toasted almonds and orange peel



S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna are well known as the fine dining waters on tables worldwide, both in elegant restaurants and at home and widely appreciated by the leading figures of the culinary scene. These two historical Italian classics are highly appreciated due to their appealing values and their elegant balance of taste.

Acqua Panna (MYR 15- 500ml)

Still Natural Mineral Water that is limpid and luminous, and comes without any effervescence or odour.

Or more popularly known as still water of fine dining, Acqua Panna is as light as a feather to the taste, pleasantly soft and velvety on the palate. It also makes an ideal palate cleanser in between meals when preparing to savour wine sensuously. Essentially, it helps to enhance even the most delicate flavours,


San Pellegrino (MYR 15- 500ml)

Sparkling Natural Mineral Water that helps to brings out the best in the tastiest dishes and aroma, and in this case, our white wine.

San Pellegrino whets the taste bud with reasonably fine bubbles to stimulate the tingling freshness

Refreshing sparkling fruit juices (MYR 12-200ml)

Arancianta Rosso (Red Orange)

Mandarino (Mandarin Orange)

Limonata (Lemon)

Pompelmo (Grapefruit)

Chinotto (Bitter-Citrus)

Or may be just a homey warm drink to rejuvenate you like the Hot lemon Tea (MYR 15). Concocted with original taste that will amuse you palatably with its tangy citrusy and lemony aroma.


Moreover, make your way over to the imported leather lounge chairs for a restful moment, as you admire the magnificent floor-to-ceiling glass whiskies and wine display credenza showcasing The Scot’s finest brands. One can choose to dine in this stylish area that strikes a balance between extravagance and solace.

The Scot’s striking VIP rooms, which are sponsored by its top two whisky brands, The Dalmore and The Balvenie, also enable patrons to host conferences or intimate parties in larger numbers from time to time. Therefore,
remember to give this place a check soon for another fruitful epicurean discovery.

Cheers for now and Carpe Diem! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤

The Dalmore- boasts a more formal occasion, suitable for business discussion or any potential business collaboration.


The Balvenie- personal choice of ambiance, decently spacious for more intimate camaraderie.


Location: 50-G Block D,Jaya One,No.72A , Jalan Universiti, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya

Contact: +603 7954 9000

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat (4pm – 2am)


Date of Visit: Jul 14, 2015 

Other Ratings:
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 4  |  
Value for Money

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LA CASA Smile Oct 22, 2015   
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Categories : Western variety | Café


Welcome home!

Indeed, this is what La Casa literally exudes the moment you step into this quaint, cozy establishment that specializes in Western and Italian flairs, gracing the expatriate-centric neighbourhood at Verve Suites, Mont Kiara over a year ago.


Embarked with a multi-faceted design of wooden fixtures and quirky furnishings completes with warm lightings, La Casa certainly lives up to a relaxing enclave to unwind within its comfy confines of spacious 1,900 sq ft interior and a 500 sq ft alfresco dining area.


Replete with eye-catching throw pillows and olde-worlde bookshelves filled up with bottles of assorted relishes and ceramic stacks, there is no reason why this homey establishment not going to lure you over to dine and drink splendidly especially with their awesome breakfast menu!



Not so hipster but more on cozy environment with comfort food.

Unique and enchanting chairs adorned with some curlicue element.

Befitting its name which means The House, most of the food here are inhouse prepared from scratch and sourced from the freshest ingredients without any MSG or preservatives by all means. May, the founder of La Casa, is a true advocate of eating real food and live well. After all, you are what you eat, ain't you?

Let’s check out what we sampled the other day to kick start our morning fantastically!


Healthy homemade muesli consists of toasted grain, nuts, seeds and dried fruits served with seasonal, fresh fruits, honey and housemade yogurt. The strawberries are especially very sweet and blend in well with all the yogurt-drizzled companions!



Homemade gnocchi with pesto, spicy Italian chicken sausage, egg cocotte and wild rocket with parmesan and balsamic dressing. The inhouse prepared wurst was definitely a star-stellar with its sapidity and chewy bites. Now I need not to worry about synthetic stuff whenever enjoying my fave sausages for I knew that the casing used to hold the homemade sausages here origins from natural source. Kudos!



Comes with choice of homemade chicken, spicy Italian chicken or beef sausage, turkey bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes, baked beans, sunny side up, wild rocket and toast.

Your ubiquitous yet not so conventionally executed Continental breakfast, surely will win you over with its tastily done bouncy Italian chicken sausage and terrific salt & pepper sausage! My personal favourite goes for the original flavor, to be paired with the fragrantly sautéed mushrooms and juicy cherry tomatoes.


Truffle fans are in treat again!

Served with mesclum salad on the side, this innovative plate of truffled-infused scrambled egg comes well-armoured with very crispy waffle on the crust that uses special fold in method of meringue, rendering a very fluffy and buttery nuance. If the mushy egg could go tad easier on the sodium, it’s a brilliant recipe from La Casa undeniably!



Fluffy brioche served with caramelized apple, crispy popcorn, cream and maple syrup, easily makes it a lovely brunch!


You can never go wrong with this- waffle with mixed berries, caramelized walnut, toasted almond flakes, cream and honey. Each bites of the freshly made waffle were truly engaging with its aromatic buttery hint. Optional to top up at only MYR5 for a dollop of homemade vanilla ice cream, slurps!


And now, we’re just in time to call in the dulcet treats for the sweet tooth.


Pillowy-soft profiteroles filled with a light rose mascarpone cream, fresh raspberries and litchis.


Mini pastry shell filled with lemon cream topped with lemon zest and glaze. Expect a moist and piquant velvet custard engulfed within the buttery tart.


A dainty piece of layered chocolate and hazelnut praline, coalesced with milk chocolate ganache, and light chocolate mousse- bliss! It’s not overwhelmingly sweet but each morsel bits of this gateau is just sensuously gratifying with the varlhona richness and liberally transfused with hazelnut fragrance. Couldn’t ask for more with my fave choc brand in it, yumz.....

What’s better to complement the sumptuous gourmet spread other than a good cup of Joe?

And so coincidentally, bumped into a tomodachi whose aromatic coffee I’ve always enjoyed, Masa- san. It’s nice meeting you again! Arigato gozaimasta!





On top of expanding its current offerings, La Casa is also going versatile by looking into streamlining their takeaway and corporate catering service too.

So pop by one day at the new abode of La Casa, especially if you are one epicurean who
enjoy a quiet dining in the perfect mood-setting atmosphere of this hidden gem at the commercial hub of Verve Suites Mont Kiara.

Cheers for now and follow us at Carpe Diem for more ‘food-ful’ discoveries! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤




Location: Level G, Verve Suites Shops Mont Kiara, 8, Jalan Kiara 5, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Contact: +603 6211 8875

Opening Hours: 10am- 11pm


Date of Visit: Oct 03, 2015 

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Value for Money

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COFFEE ME DARLING Smile Oct 22, 2015   
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Categories : Western variety | Café | Desserts

Having a hard time choosing between coffee or me, darling? (=

Now you need not be in this dilemma again as you could hit two birds with one stone over here at COFFEE ME DARLING, spending some precious and yummy time with your loved ones.

Nestled at the ever briskly neighbourhood of SS2, Coffee Me Darling sets forth with its unique twist of Asian fusion fare that somehow will open up your mind inquisitively while having an enjoyable savoring time within its cozy confines. This café is the brainchild of Alex who aspires to serve up a homey array of tantalizing dishes that are close and familiar to our local tastebuds, whilst spicing it up by injecting some creative Western tweaks to it.


And the coffee brewing station is helmed by a skillful barista who has crafted his name in the coffee scene after being crowned as champion at the recent latte art throw down tournament. Well, let’s adjourn the coffee stories a little while to make way for what’s fresh and tastefully been prepared from the kitchen first.


Something new and interesting here. Instead the usual broccoli or pumpkin soup, our palate is pleasantly amused by this light and savoury veggie soup.


Or traditionalist, there is still tasty mushroom soup available for you.


Have a choice from either sunny side up, scrambled or poached egg, to be paired with Vienna sausage, turkey ham, beet bacon or smoke salmon to make a wholesome plate to kick start your day nutritiously.


Somewhat newfangled way of serving the crowd’s favourite egg Benedict, seated atop loads of fragrantly sautéed mushrooms, drizzled with hollandaise alongside fresh greens.


Temptingly encased in the middle within a fluffy loaf slice that when put together provides a delectable nuance of soft-gooey texture. Somehow reminds me of the sinful but yummy Croque Monsieur too, hehe.


Fettuccine is decently done al dente and served in mild creamy carbonara sauce, add on with saporous pieces of turkey ham. Light and not overly creamy.


Now your soup no longer a lone ranger anymore (=

Have it appetizingly now with penne pasta together with the sweet-sour minestrone soup. I find myself kinda enjoy this bowl of soupy pasta rather than with the usual macaroni. It’s not spicy thus children-friendly too.


A healthier version of percik recipe I would say. The fish fillet was nicely grilled till perfection without any obvious charred part, while remaining juicy within. The portion was rather huge as reflected in the thickly cut slab of meat, making it a worthwhile selection.



For the poultry fans, don’t forget to leave the café without trying this tenderly grilled chicken, dished up toothsomely with mushrooms, broccoli and potatoes as sides. The meat was thoroughly marinated that it tasted good even by itself without any sauce.


Another recommended bites would be this brilliantly done lotus roots that are deep fried to perfection. Thin and crispy natural root chips that are fried till golden brown and ready to be served hot from the kitchen with light sprinkles of salt. Should you prefer some heavier taste, you could always help yourself with the promising watch curry dipping that surely will get you hooked on for more!

Chilled beverages come just in time to clear down the throat after he scrumptious feast.



Voila, soon it’s coffee time!

Coffee Me Darling currently is using a Java Sumatra blend that is of medium-dark roasted, to present diners a pleasant palate of medium body, with less acidity, fruity and nutty profile. All coffee served here are of ristretto, good news? ^^



Finally found another creative twist for tau fu fa. This time not in dessert but with coffee (=



This doughnut dome cuppa is only available exclusively here yea! Get ready to slurp in the smooth and velvet foam, nyummm………………

Was lucky to have a quick crash coffee course with the affable barista, Ian! Thanks very much for you guidance! Guess now I have more confidence in pulling my cup of latte art for a better improvised attempt next round!




Pretty cool huh? Hehe

Ah, what’s missing? Dessert you say? Hehe

Fret not, as the meal would definitely be wrapped up on a sweet note for that memorable dining darlingly………


Wow! After barbequed smores, now let’s try flambeaud smores instead.

Certainly the ideal way to melt your lover’s heart, no? =)

So folks, remember to check out this place with your buddies soon, be it boyfriend and girlfriend, mummy and daddy or just your usual culinary partner(s)-in-crime, for a wonderful and sweet coffee, me & darling session!

Cheers for now and follow us at Carpe
Diem for more ‘food-ful’ discoveries! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤


Location: No. 153, Jalan SS2/24 Petaling Jaya, 47300 Selangor

Opening Hours: Tue - Thu: 8am - 12am Fri - Sun: 8am - 1am


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Date of Visit: Oct 03, 2015 

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