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This is Maple Kok . I am a Student, work in Kampar. I like to hang out in Kampar. Japanese, Malaysian variety, Western variety are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café, Restaurant, Kopitiam, Pasar Malam and Dim sum, Desserts, Nasi Minyak, Cheese Cake,Chicken herbal soup.
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Categories : Malay | Restaurant | Steamboat/Hotpot | BBQ

Talking about steamboat & bbq. When I show this to my Malay colleagues, they reply by asking "wow , where is this? I would like to go."

"TOo bad, it's not a halal restaurant"

But now...This restaurant, Pak John Steamboat & BBQ in e@curve serving halal meal with high quality meat that everyone can drop by!


So yea, this is a place where you can playing mix and match, try and test over different food! BUT YET, it's not the main highlight. The introduction above would be enough to justify the goodness of this steamboat and BBQ restaurant.

As you can see here, it's steamboat and grilling kind of buffet type eating. Their smoked duck slice is really so yummy over the grill! and so do their abalone. Try to grill the abalone too. it brings out fresh sweetness in those abalone.



Teriyaki chicken is not bad either. Here in Pak John , you will be spoilt with VARIETY Of food choices. Trust me, many didn't try all the food here. Some were too good you will keep on noming on the same one. There's another table next to me. Taking dim sum for photos and they couldn't finish them too! SO do their different soup base.

FIVE (5)Steamboat soup base
Tom Yam
Clear chicken soup
Miso soup
Prawn soup

We tried the Tom Yam soup base, it's their in-house blend and we all love it! The taste is rich enough, not so sour or sweet, a bit of briny. I would say the Tom yam has been widely localised to suit the Malaysian taste bud.

We tried only the Tom yam base, which is highly recommended, and as much as there were still 4 other flavours of soup base. I actually ddidn't feel regret not trying other bases because it's really so delicious!

Mingle with Erosi, Dash and Daphne! They did quite a lot of thing. Get everything all the meat slides, all I did was just to sit down and eat only.

and of course steamboat is best to makan-makan together with you friends (with my blogger gang here anyway )! A table full of great fare!


They serve variety kind of meat slices

Abalone slices
Smoked duck slices
New Zealand Lamb Slices
Aussie Beef Slices

You have to collect those slices from the kitchen as they freeze those slices to make sure it serve fresh. There were other seafood available too.


mussels, bamboo clam, clam, prawn,

All sorts of vege. So fret not vegetarian.If you friend insist to having dinner here. You can still have delicious jagung (corn) here


pumpkin, egg, and many many different types of mushroom! (mushroom my favourite!)


I was taking Tilapia fillet in the photo.

See, to ensure the freshness. They displays their food in display fridge.


Prawn sold out fast, but replenish fast too.


After having the sizzling and hot delicacies. Let's move on to other food served here.

There is a straight line of buffet spread serving all the carbohydrate-load food like fried rice, mihun, pasta and other traditional ala malay food like chicken too. Among of all them, I tried their carbonara! Really really creamy, and yummy! except that it was cold. I had 3 bowls of carbonara even busy makan the steamboat and BBQ too!



Eat, grill eat grill and repeat!

Yeap, a place just beside the Dim SUm collection to further spice up your tongue with a lot of different condiments!

Grilled abalone is delicious! OH yea, and their have cheesy tau fu too!

If you want something plain. Here you go. Bubur Ayam (CHicken porridge) with sides

Taking photo with Daphne while waiting for the waffle.

Kaya balls weren't available while we were there. But waffle is made-to-order. LOve love it so much! Choose your favourite jam to pair with and the assistant will there to make it for you!

and cut it for you! See, my fresh out waffle. Crunchy


And waffle is really delicious when you mix with ice-cream!!


Topped with a scoop of ice-cream and sprinkled with some chocolate rice. Taste like heaven!

So that explains the wide grin on my face!

A photo with Syamin before she left.

Beverage selection at your will.

But would recommend you to take their dessert like Cendol , ABC for thirst quencher.


Healthy selection of Fruits and Jelly. Again, I didnt touch them at all. Too much delicious to savour ady.

Attached here the latest price list for your reference.
(The information above is true as in 30th July 2017)

Summary - What's good about Pak John Steamboat & BBQ ?

1.Super vast selection of food from fresh premium meats , seafood frozen food, soup base, greens, condiments, desserts (kaya ball, waffle, cendol, ABC), carbohydrates buffet,

2. With the price of RM 42.90 for the delicious food, it definitely worth your every penny, and parking fare. =p

3. Suitable for any occasion of group gathering, celeration as they have their seperate VIP room too.

4. You won't come here because only of the wide selection, but the meat slides is really of the premium and fresh.

5. This is what we call gathering over the food lor. Eat and talk and walk (to get food when you feel guilty) and repeat and taking photos before leaving.

6. Customise your waffles creatively.

7. Customise your food with any condiments here!

Rating: 8.5/ 10
Nothing much to complain, attentive customer service. Except that the buffer spread does not remain heat. Then my carbonara is eaten cold. But above all, this is one of the halal unlimited eat-all-you-can steamboat fare.

WIll definitely come again, bring my family for the waffle, for the carbonara, smoked duck and tom yaum soup base!


Lot LG-13A LG-15, Lower Ground Floor | Lot LG-13A & LG-15, Lower Ground Floor, Ecurve. No 2A, Jalan Pju 7/3, Petaling Jaya 47810, Malaysia

FB page: Pak John Steamboat & BBQ

Contact :

CS Chong
+60 12-705 0684

03- 7733 3913

On weekdays:
Lunch: 11am - 5pm
Dinner: 5pm - 11pm
(Dinner come with premium meat slides, dim sum and buffet line)

On weekend :
Serving dinner-range of food all the day
Supplementary Information:
1. Bring a change of clothes if you plan to go somewhere after that.

2. As much as their dessert is not the most expensive food there, it is not bad too. Sweet tooth, remember to save up some stomach space for their waffles! Decorate it yourself and nom your own crafted waffles!

3. Would recommend to choose the RM 42.90 package. The different between the Lunch and Dinner is the absence of Premium meat slices , Dim Sum and Buffet Spread for the lunch.

4. Dessert is not in the pic, but they serve ABC, cendol too. And trust me, you won't be able to finish all of them.

5. Request to replace a new grill top if you want.

6. Whether it is crowded or not, it depends on the time you visit. I came here on Saturday 12pm. and it's still fine.
Recommended Dish(es):  smoked duck, abalone, carbonara, waffle with ice-cream
Table Wait Time: 5 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Jul 15, 2017 

Celebration:  生日 

Spending per head: Approximately RM42.9(晚餐)

Other Ratings:
 5  |  
 4  |  
 5  |  
 4  |  
Value for Money

  • Keep it up!

  • Looking Forward

  • Interesting

  • Touched

  • Envy

  • Cool Photo
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Categories : Japanese | Stall / Warung | Bakery / Cake / Kuih

Are you cheesetart lover? If you do, you would have heard of Pablo Cheesetart. It is very famous Half-baked cheesetart that has made its name in Japan.

View my previous review on their signature Cheesetart here. Cheese lover musn't miss this! To further extend the excitement, Pablo also offered a few other flavours to their cheesetart. And this time, it is Pablo Mini Matcha and Pablo Mini Cinnapple.

Pablo Mini Matcha RM 9.90

Available from 1st April 2017 (no joke) onwards. Bet you seldom heard of combination of Matcha and Cheesetart. Unless it is the original Pablo Cheesetart, otherwise the Matcha flavour is not really heavily cheese tasted. It taste like the Matcha Kikat Bar. So if you are a Matcha lover, don't forget to hunt for your Matcha food here! A food truly from Japan! Pablo Mini Cinnaple (1/4- 31/5/2017) Rm 9.90

Yes, you look it right, It is Cinnapple (Cinnamon + Apple), a very unique flavour that we seldom seen in Malaysia. It is generous amount of fresh apple cubes mixed with the special fusion jam on a piece of cheese tart.

The taste of the spreading is sweet and really crunchy as we bite on it!

Drink: Berry Cheese Rm 15.90

Topped up with a cup of Berry Cheese, a chilled beverage with 3 different types of berry and cheese. I felt a tad bit of full as I drank it during the hungry time. Fret not if you think it is weird to have cheese in the drink. Despite it has cheese, the taste of it is so mild, it basically just feel milky in a very exquisite way that you will like it.

Now, I am talking to talk about the Pablo Mini Marshmallow Strawberry Cheese Tart. Just like any other cheesetart here, it is priced at RM 9.90. A layer of strawberry jam spreaded on top of a piece of cheesetart. With the fluffy marshmallow on it, it make the eating experience a fun and excited one! But well, being pretty outside, it actually very cheesy at the bottom. This is a limited seasonal cheese tart, so hurry to Pablo @One Utama to get it now! It's only available until 30th April 2017.Hurry to get this as it's only available til 30th April 2017.

Strawberry Cheesetart RM 49.90

This is my utmost favourite! I couldn't deny the fact that the price is a bit pricey. However, I highly recommended this! The soft centre creamy texture blasted with strawberry cheese cream which tasted balanced and sweet.

From my personal experience, it taste better you eat it cold than eat it in room temperature. Initially I feel like I was eating a strawberry flavoured ice-cream. However, the highlight here is that it has that really fresh chewvy berries in between the 2 layers of soft creamy tart that drive me crazy.

Highly recommended to eat when it is cold, not only it's texture is much more firm that it makes you easy to hold, but it somehow taste sweeter.

Talking about the crust, it doesn't have the crunchy sound after keeping in fridge overnight, but I was surprised to find it still remain crisp. I yearn for this whenever I saw it....

Japanese culture never fail us with it's design, and this reflected in their packaging. A really sturdy packaging that really helps a lot especially during my 2 hours car journey for tomb-cleaning season. Even though half of the gooey strawberry jam on top of the cheesetart surface sided in the bumpy journey, the box was firm/waterproof enough to prevent it from further leak into the paper bag.Also come with a lable to remind us the anticipated eater to finish it. Normally it can stay up to 24 hours (Tried and proven) and remain fresh if you keep it in the fridge.A good food make a happy and contented me!

As a cheesy lover, I wish that I can try on their premium cheese tart next time! Wait for me!

Instagram | Official Site | Facebook

S130, 2nd Floor, Old Wing, One Utama Shopping Mall.

Business Hour: 10am - 10pm

Contact number: 017-274 0255
Recommended Dish(es):  Pablo Freshly Basked Cheese Tart, Strawberry Cheesetart
Date of Visit: Apr 01, 2017 

Celebration:  生日 

Spending per head: Approximately RM30(下午茶)

Other Ratings:
 5  |  
 5  |  
 5  |  
 5  |  
Value for Money

  • Keep it up!

  • Looking Forward

  • Interesting

  • Touched

  • Envy

  • Cool Photo
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103 Coffee Workshop @ Cheras C180 Smile Dec 07, 2016   
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Categories : Japanese | Western variety | Café | Pizza/Pasta | Sweets/Snack

Never did I expect such great cafe would bloom in this area. Because of this cafe, I prefer to go to Japanese type cafe because of their exquisiteness , and attention to detail. 

 If you are a coffee lover, you should have pay this place a visit. A place with proffessional barista. They even sent their barista to competition!

There actually 2 branches of 103 Coffee Workshop. I reviewed the one in Cheras C180, the other one is Sri Petaling. You can always go to their facebook to know the latest brew of coffee/menu.

As much as 103 coffee workshop on great brew of coffee , their food here delight me as their coffee! Let's venture into their food, coffees and the interior.


Ratatuille RM 19.90

A sunny side up on top of zucchini, corn, and cheese to be eaten with the garlic toast. The garlic bread is so crispy I enjoyed every bite of it with the rich and perfectly tossed garlic bread.A perfect heartily breakfast by add on with a fruit juice. A balanced meal to start your day. Trust me, it is not something to die for. but definitely worth the try!

Goma Yaki Udon RM 15.90

The Udon is perfectly fried with the Goma (Japanese sesame sauce). If you love goma sauce, you will definitely love this. I noticed that every single dish served today would come with some green to balance the meal. This Goma Yaki Udon neither too oily, dense with Goma sauce and come with the side of 2 different varieties of mushroom! (Cheers to mushroom lover!)

It also comes with the side of prickled ginger, roasted seaweed and fresh scallions. It definitely cheerish your gourmet experience.

Orange & Smoked Duck Breast Salad RM 19.90

This is another surprise dish that you wouldn't want to miss. Every bite of it would lead the next bite until you notice that you finally finish the salad. It is simply tantalizing with the tangy juicy orange cube , flavoured fried potato wedges that you could clearly discern not from the freezing potato wedges, cherry tomatoes and the limelight of the dish SMOKED DUCK BREAST!

Frankly speaking this is my first time tasting smoked duck slice that it is perfectly smoked, the meat itself is tender. And it really goes well with the tangy orange. A highly recommended dish!

Smoked Duck Breast Aglio Olio RM 19.90

Not your usual spicy, oily aglio olio that pair with seafood but smoked duck instead. Smoked duck breast was tender, served with some healthy choice of cherry tomatoes before topped off with garden arugula, and parmesan cheese on top.

Thyme and Lemongrass Infused Roast Spring Chicken RM 32.90

only served in C180 outlet, but not in Sri Petaling outlet

Frankly speaking, the spring chicken itself is not too salty, prefect for healthy concious folk, but it is tad bland for me. The sweet & sour sauce is the mix of chili and pineapple jam twhich is particularly appetizing! Guess that one is their secret sauce that has some pickle vege which I couldn't discern anyway.

Teriyaki Chicken Don RM 16.90

Served with bouncy sushi rice, scallions and shredded capsicum, and not forget the on nom nom bouncy spring egg. The Terikayi chicken is specially seasoned , remain succulent that I felt satiated.It is a simple dish that relishes the soul during the break of busy working hour.

Overall, it is a really satisfying gourmet experience. Every dishes were intricately prep, to look visually engaging, flavoured yet do not lose it attention to lead its patron for healthy vege. Appetizing, heartily satisfying.


Strawberry Latte RM 13.90

My first impression when I first saw this on my friend's instagram was like.... I must try this! Looking for inviting with the bright red starwberry juice ice cube.

So it is stawberry iceball , a shot of expresso and fresh milk.

Such colourful transfusion. Even the moement of pouring expresso first, then milk with worth to capture. Agree?

I had high expectation on this visually attractive starwberry latte, and it's taste which is not pure bitter coffee, accompanied by mild (lesser than mild, subtle) taste of concentrated strawberry juice, delighted my taste bud as not a coffee lover.

Kenya Nyeri Kiamabara (Pourover coffee)

This is our first hand brew, as mentioned above. The coffee beans used is Kenya Nyeri Kiamabara. It is produced in a factory known as Kiamabara in the town of Nyeri. According to this site, Kiamabra known to produce consistently sweet coffee. It is a little sour due to the citrus acidity from the coffee bean too.

Kenya Ethopia Yirgacheffe Areka (Pourover Coffee)

This pourover is more sour than the previous Nyreri Kiambara, but somehow I prefer this though. It has some fruity scent like rose, raspberry and some other tropical fruit notes. It has the long lingering aftertaste, which is so suitable to spent a cozy afternoon to nostalgia over the past great time. LOL

Ice Blended Mocha RM 14.90

I like this Ice Blended Mocha, the ratio of Espresso, Fresh Milk and Chocolate make it taste nicer than Ice Blended Chocolate, in a sense that is not too pure chocolate, nor too bitter.

Highly recommended!

Flat White (double shot ) RM 11.50


103 Coffee Workshop has 2 branches, Sri Petaling and Cheras C180. These are the cozy, blue theme interior of the cafe.

A choice for coffee lover to chating over the comfortable cushion.

The cafe can easily accomodate around 35-45 people. On different types of seating. The simple wooden and metal.

And also a counter heigh dining seat for 8 people.

Yours truly lepak in this cozy corner here with her new met blogger friend, Kimora.

How to get there?

(Oppsite of CIMB shoplot)

No. 3-G, Jalan C180/2, Dataran C180

Cheras, Selangor

Contact No

016-662 0108

03-9081 5789

Operation Hours

Closed on Tuesday

Monday - Thursday : 11.00am - 10.30pm

Friday - Sat : 11.00am - 11.00 pm

Sun : 11am - 10pm

Facebook | Instagram
Supplementary Information:
Wifi available
Recommended Dish(es):  Iced Blended Mocha, Smoked duck salad, Smocked duck breast aglio olio, Teriyaki Chicken Don
Table Wait Time: 10 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Dec 03, 2016 

Celebration:  聖誕節 

Spending per head: Approximately RM35

Other Ratings:
 5  |  
 5  |  
 5  |  
 5  |  
Value for Money

  • Keep it up!

  • Looking Forward

  • Interesting

  • Touched

  • Envy

  • Cool Photo
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Affordable and Delicious!! Smile Nov 28, 2016   
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Categories : Western variety | Café | Pizza/Pasta | Steaks / Chops

The first question that bump into my mind when I saw the name of the shop is that

Why the name 3G??

It actually stand for

Good Food

Good Quality

Good Service

3G Food Gallery is a western fusion restaurant that serve western cuisine like pasta, chop, asian fried, exotic hot pot and also their main special delicious large deep fried pork knuckle that you couldn't found anywhere!

Overall, I like the portion of food here is large enough that make people full and delicious.


Crispy Deep Fried Luzon Pork Knuckle – RM48.90

The pork knuckle is tender inside and crispy outside. It is so sinfully delicious as it has the juicy fat remain inside, and the portion is so big! The standard serving size here is 1.5kg.

When I knew giant pork knuckle only cost Rm 48.90, I instantly felt this is so cheap! As we all know, a pork knuckle of this size normally cost around Rm 70 -80, but this superb pork knuckle here only cost less than Rm 50. Hmmm, interesting.

Whereas for the source of pork knuckle, it is first pre-booked by the lady boss from supplier, then she or her parents will go then choose some fresh and good pork knuckles every day.

The pork knuckle would be seasoned and simmer and keep in fridge for ready serve. Once any patron order it, then they will take it out simmer, and deep fried the pork knuckle, this explain the tenderness inside and cripsyness outside. OMG, I miss their pork knuckle as I am typing this…..


Crispy Spring Chicken – RM18.90

All the meats serve here are freshly selected daily. 3G Food Gallery didn’t rely on supplier to supply the meat, but go to hypermarket, or morning market to choose them daily. I guess this is one of their step to ensure Good Food as stated in one of their 3G.

Their spring chicken is soft and tender, It has certain herbs inside that make it so flavourful. People who like to try different kind of fried chicken should have try this!

Signature Wild Mushroom Soup – RM9.90

Unlike the ordinary mushroom soup that we had which is creamy, this wild mushroom soup here is dilute, yet it has crunchniness as more of it is solid mushroom pieces!! Although it’s not creamy, but it’s my favourite!! The bite of mushroom pieces in every inch of my mouth is really an indulgence.

It consist of 4 type of mushroom which is Shiitake Mushoroom, King Osyter Mushroom, Button Mushroom, and Abalone Mushroom.

Pasta Al’ Fungi (spicy / non-spicy) –RM14.90

Homemade Pork Meat Ball Bolognese – RM16.90

I like that the pork meat ball is nice to chew, combine with the tomato pasta, it make a hearty choice of lunch. And past Al Fungi is my favourite, it is oily and patron can opt for choice of spicy or non-spicy. Personally, spicy one taste better than non-spicy.


Grilled Salmon With Special Homemade Sauce – RM28.90

The grilled salmon here can be make better cause I like it to be a bit oily on the surface. Cutting into the section, the original salmon meat expose, it remain soft and tender inside. Sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice onto it….this is one of the dishes that serve on the table and gone in less than 5 mins after photo-taking.


Krap! Krap! Chicken Burger – RM16.90

Just like the name sound. The crunchiness when you bite the chicken burger , it is so appealing. Comes together with french fries and healthy choice of salad, make it a balanced diet.

Connie’s Special Pork Chop – RM27.90

Layered with melted cheese on top, the taste of the pork chop is very similar to bbq pork (char siew). Can you notice that the portion of the pork chop is so BIG??

Grilled Chicken Chop RM 18.90

The chicken chop is grilled to perfection and remain juicy. It is actually flavourful even without the sauce. However, you can still op for choices of mushroom, black pepper and BBQ sauce. Not forgetting the homemade mash potato. It has the crumble of some of vege like carrot in their sauce. MUST TRY!

Honey Grilled Pork Chop Burger Rm 19.90

Hot Pot (You can customize your ingredient and even add on with rice, ramen or vermicelli too. )

Seafood: RM18

Chicken: RM14

Pork: RM15

Vege: RM12

3G Food Gallery serve not only the 4 type of hot pots above. There are plenty of other hot pot inspired by their country’s specialty such as Indonesian Lemon Grass, Thai Style Tom Yam, Malaysian Curry and Italian Tomato.

Japanese Cheesy Milk Hot Pot

Among the 4 hot pots above, Japanese Cheesy Milk had caught my heart /stomach. It is really so delicious all the food reviewer keep asking for refill of the soup. It’s dilute texture with cheesy taste, combine with some other taste (milky, salty) make a perfect combination. Bear in mind that It’s not like the carbonara type of concentrated western cheesy.

Tempura Fish Nuggets (6pcs) – RM9.90

Promotion Okotoberfest

Breakfast special

Dinner special

There is also special promotion for UTAR student!





The location of the 3G Food Gallery is at the same row with CIMB bank once you turn into C180 in Cheras. And this is the outlook of the eatery.

Sat - Sun (Public Holiday)

11:30am - 10:30pm (10pm last call)

Til then, see you again!
Recommended Dish(es):  Crispy Deep Fried Luzon Knuckle, Japanese Cheesy Milk Hot Pot, Signature Wild Mushroom SOup, Cold Pressed Fresh Fruit Juice
Table Wait Time: 15 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Oct 15, 2016 

Celebration:  紀念日 

Spending per head: Approximately RM30(午餐)

Other Ratings:
 4  |  
 3  |  
 5  |  
 5  |  
Value for Money

  • Keep it up!

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Categories : Japanese | Restaurant | Pizza/Pasta

Date visited: 31st August 2015 @One Utama Shopping Mall

It was a date of my bf and me.

Went to Pasta Zanmai because boy friend favour the food there.

So my first and second time visit Pasta Zanmai was with WS!! Believe it or not? The Chicken Teriyaki rice & The short neck Clam pasta soup come with a package, and it cost only Rm 29!! I was thrilled to see the huge portion on the chicken teriyaki rice!!

A huge plate full with delectable chicken teriyaki, it's so juicy, succulent, moist and sweet with the Teriyaki sauce!

Despite the name mini Short neck clam pasta soup, the portion is not mini at all! 4 clams ler~~ and top on with 2 different type of mushroom!

When the food is served, I thought the waiter serve the wrong table, never thought it would be full size like this.

I guess this is the speciality of Pasta Zanmai

Heartily full & Huge portion

Fresh ingredients

Extra added (mushroom!! my favourite mushroom! )

Which is also the reason of him, who save money all the time, would like to dine in Pasta Zanmai once in awhile. (and I glad that he always choose the occasion I was there! )

Yes, this package is exist in the menu. I forgotten to take the pic of the menu. But somehow it's located at the page, after pasta and all the main food. and come various combo food. YOu will understand after you flip through the menu.


Got one expression that my face twitched because the tasco sauce is unexpectedly spicy~~ Not really spicy~~ but I put too much tasco.

I expect nothing from their chicken terikayi. Chicken seem so common everywhere. So even their most common dish was delicious too! Decided to take a look on the terikayi sauce, taste sweet.. yum yum~~~

And the great thing about dine in One Utama is that you get to buy some real authentic Japanese imported snacks. food at their Japanese outlet here in One Utama!


Overall, the service here is not as friendly as Paradigm Mall. Both my bf and me would agree that we would prefer to go Pasta Zanmai in Paradigm Mall because their service is more friendly, and more welcomed. Anyway, we undestood the reason of them being less friendly. The crowd in One Utama never stop flowing in. But the service crew were quite attentive.

Just that I don't like to see that their beverage bar was stacked full with drank cups..

But the arrangement of the seat...One Utama is more spacious!

Service: 3/5

Environment: 5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Worthy: 4.5/5







Table Wait Time: 15 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Jan 31, 2016 

Celebration:  情人節 

Spending per head: Approximately RM30(午餐)

Other Ratings:
 5  |  
 4  |  
 4  |  
 5  |  
Value for Money

  • Keep it up!

  • Looking Forward

  • Interesting

  • Touched

  • Envy

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