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Fresh and cheesy. Smile Sep 20, 2013   
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Categories : Western variety | Restaurant | Halal

When travelling on highway, I often favour the drive through than to actually have to pull over, parked and dine. Once in a while I would actually still do that, but most of the time it is always tiring to prolong the journey and travelling time when driving. I always like nibbling while driving although I don’t really recommend drivers doing so when they are solo to handle both the food or nibbling snack and the wheels at the same time.

Drinks and beverages and teas and coffees are still fine but bear in mind if it is hot beverages, there’ll still be some challenge when it comes to driving and sipping hot drink at the same time. Note that most of the hot beverages are served boiling hot with temperatures at least 90 degree and above. We would not want liquid at those temperatures to be spilling on ourselves while driving. That can be quite some disasters if not taken care properly. The recent trip to seremban got me driving through their drive through which looked pretty much similar like every other drive through I have been. And the recent crave for the cheesy wedges is unstoppable in any means.

The burgers here are quite fresh and were not left too long after prepared in their keep warm compartment.

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