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Nooooooo Cry Jan 21, 2016   
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Categories : Chinese | Restaurant | Seafood | Noodles

Came here on a Sunday for lunch after reading "Good food exist in Ampang".  However, the charsiew is not as good as recommended. 

We ordered soup, seafood tofu, char siew. Nothing special about the char siew and roast pork. Char siew is sweet and dry.  Roast pork is flat and tough not crunchy at all.  The texture of the tofu is weird, never had tofu with such texture before (it has lots of holes in it) Even if it is home made tofu, i had better homemade tofu than that.  

Ventilation in restaurant is bad.  it seems the exhaust fan is fixed the wrong way, my eyes are watery all the time due to the smoke.

It is run by an old couple (i am not complaining about them, i have nothing against old people).  its just that i dare not talk back to them or ask them to recalculate my bill.  For 3 bowls of rice, 1 plate of charsiew mix roast pork, 1 seafood tofu, 1 soup, 3 chinese tea, i think i got ripped off by paying RM52.50.  
Table Wait Time: 0 minute(s)

Spending per head: Approximately RM17.5(午餐)

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