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This is Pyqa living in Ampang. I am a Executive, work in Ampang. I like to hang out in Ampang, Bukit Bintang, Damansara Utama. Japanese, Malaysian variety, Western variety are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café, Restaurant and Sweets/Snack, Pizza/Pasta, Steaks / Chops.
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Categories : Western variety | Italian | Restaurant | Pizza/Pasta | Burgers / Sandwiches

Well a friend of mine just open a new restaurant at JB and we drove all the way there to get fat because its for free! lol The location is quite strategic behind the Angsana JB that will usually have some events going on at the open space field. Well no wonder he has been making a lot of money (trust me).

So i pretended to be a normal customer (ehem) and asked the waiter to suggest what are the most famous dishes here. Then, they suggested their carbonara (i have seen a lot of post on instagram about their carbonara). Well let see the list of our orders:
1) Lobster : RM160 (refer picture for size)
2) Carbonara: RM20+
3) Grilled beef nachos : RM13.90
4) Sirlion Steak : RM32.50
4) Pasta (sorry forgotten the name) tongue

*Reasonable price.




Lets start with grilled beef nachos. The nachos is not that crunchy but i ignore it as the beef taste awesome. Then i tried the Sirlion steak, i asked for fully cooked and i regret it because it is a bit chewy. It was not one of my fav dish tho. As for the pasta, theres nothing much special about it except for the prawn that is well cooked.

Now, lets jump in to carbonara. To be honest, i am a big fan of carbonara despite all of my diet list when it comes to carbonara it will be the first thing i would like to try. I admit, at steakout, their carbonara is super duper delicious! The sauce is creamy but with a little bit of spice. I love it instantly.

Lastly, the hero of the menu, LOBSTER, we save the best for last. When the waiter is bringing it to our table, its already looks delicious. So we couldn't wait but dig in afterwards. I can tell you this, it is soft and they cooked well. I am not a lobster expert but i can at least tell whether it is good or not haha. We finished it within half an hour tho it was just a small size (sharing for 4 people). 

At night, they will usually open more tables outside because the space is quite limited inside that can only fit around 20 to 25 people. We leave at 8.30p.m and we started to see the crowd. From what i heard, it will always be fullhouse for dinner. 

Overall: Not bad for first penetration, awesome food, small spaces

Recommended Dish(es):  Lobster,carbonara
Table Wait Time: 0 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Sep 19, 2015 

Spending per head: Approximately RM40(晚餐)

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