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Premium Japanese Cheesecake  Smile Jan 21, 2016   
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Categories : Japanese | Stall / Warung | Bakery / Cake / Kuih

Merry Christmas, everyone!

How's your Christmas going? Do you have lots of fun and gifts from your loved ones?

Anyway, I wish you all had a very good time in this merry session!

I got so many things to blog so I think I better blog the cheesecakes I had with my family during the Christmas holiday.

If you are a cheesecake lover, you probably will be adding this post to your collection. #heheFor some of you, you are probably familiar with Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake since it located at the major shopping malls in Malaysia.

I visited the new branch at IOI City Mall which just newly open in November.

It is located at the lower ground floor inside the mall which abound with numerous food stalls and restaurants.

Uncle Tetsu originated from Kyushu, Japan since 1990 and it has expanded to Taiwan, Singapore, China, Thailand and Philippines.

In Malaysia, they now have total 8 branches in KL, Johor and Penang.

Uncle Tetsu's vision is to expand the business internationally and would like to deliver his freshness Japanese cheesecakes to people around the world!


All cheesecakes are made and prepared freshly from the oven daily as Uncle Tetsu wants to make sure every single bites of the cake is fresh.

Therefore, "Make, Sell, Make, Sell" is the most important factor from Uncle Tetsu of his products.

All cheesecakes are advised to finish within 3 days from the day you purchase and it also would be good to store the cakes in the refrigerator to keep them tasting fresh.

Besides, the ingredients also play an important role on the cheesecakes; whereby Uncle Tetsu only select and use premium ingredients to produce the fresh cheesecake.

#1 Premium and imported cream cheese, #2 Fresh eggs from the local farms, #3 Luxury and quality milk are all the most secret important ingredients to produce the great taste.

Uncle Tetsu not only has a simple store concept, but also very straight forward menu to the customers.

This is their Signature Cheesecake @ RM21.00 with 2 types of flavours: original and chocolate.

Each cheesecakes are packed in a square box and wrapped with a kind of cheesecloth over the cake.

It's so cute to see each cake printed with the brand's logo using an electric heater.

The size of the cake is diameter of 16cm.

Although the cakes are made with full cheese, yet they aren't that cheese-heavy like the other bakeries did.

The texture is light and more like soft-sponge; I bet you can't eat just one piece as it will melt in your mouth easily.

Uncle Tetsu Cheese Zuccotto is another type of cheesecake from their recipe.

They also named it as Hat series as it has a adorable shape like the skull cap worn by the Italians.

This hat series are made with a combination of the premium cheese from Australia and New Zealand, which confirm will melt your heart with it's rich and creamy texture.

Compared to the 16cm signature cheesecake, this series are more like a cotton because of it's frothy and softer texture.

Each costs @ RM21.90 and comes with 3 different flavours such as original, strawberry and chocolate.

Last but not least, the Uncle Tetsu Cheesestick is a kind of cheese snacks with it's crunchy-crispy texture.

It has the same flavouers as the hat series since they cut the sticks out from the hat series and backed them in the oven with 120 degree for a duration of 2 hours,

It costs RM8.50 with a mixture of three flavours: original, strawberry and chocolate in a plastic cup like this.

I had all types of the products from Uncle Tetsu for my family to celebrate the Christmas session.

I feel glad that my whole family love it very much!

My nieces love the cheesesticks; they said it's a fun snack to munch on while watching the tv.

My dad and mum have diabetes but they can eat at least 2 small pieces as they said these aren't that sweet compare to the others.

My sister who loves cheesecake said it's unlike the western cheesecake as it is more delicious because it is crustless, lighter and softer like cotton.If you have a liking for cheesecakes, you shall give Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake a try.

I am sure you will fall in love with it! Enjoy!!!

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake

LG-41-B, IOI City Mall


62502 Putrajaya, Seri Kembangan


FB: uncletetsumalaysia

Recommended Dish(es):  Signature Cheesecake
Takeaway Wait Time: 5 minute(s)

Spending per head: Approximately RM21(下午茶)

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