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This is AmandaLaurenLee living in Mont Kiara. I am a Personal AssistantI like to hang out in Mont Kiara, Sri Hartamas, Bangsar. Japanese, Italian, European are my favorite cuisines. I also love Restaurant and Seafood, Burgers / Sandwiches, Fine Dining.
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Seafood Smile Dec 21, 2015   
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Categories : Chinese | Food court | Seafood

To be honest, no trip to Penang is truly complete unless we splurge on a dinner at Bali Hai. Although most of the locals would say tht it is overrated and also somewhat overpriced, it just feels rather incomplete if we do not dine here.

So what's a seafood dinner without crabs. Not just any kind of crab but Chilli Crab with it's sweet and spicy sauce which is perfect when dipped with fried mantao, which was pretty good when it arrived at our table. Everybody loved this dish especially since the crab is very fresh and the sauce was super good, nothing was left behind at the end of the night. 

Then we got the Steamed Tiger prawns. THIS WAS SO SO SOOOO GOOD! The prawns were super fresh cause minutes before they were still happily swimming in the tank, so the meat is super succulent & juicy. Plus it had a hint of chinese wine kind of taste to it so that just amplifies the sweetness of the prawns even more. I had so much of this. 

Because we just can't seem to get enough of seafood, we also ordered steamed tilapia in sweet soya sauce. Since the fish was super fresh there was no need to cover up it's nice sweetness with any kind of other sauce and that was a good decision that night - we all loved this dish so much. By the end of our meal all that was left on the plate was the bones of the fish. 

Since we need some vegetables to counteract our guilt for eating so much seafood, we also ordered a plate of the four heavenly kings stir-fried in belacan. I don't know why but they gave so much petai on this plate that it felt almost like a petai dish which I kind of turned away from. Though the petai-lovers at the table enjoyed this like crazy. 

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