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Categories : Japanese | Malaysian variety | Western variety | Café | Restaurant

I'm back with another food review with other bloggers! This time I was invited under Open Snap to do the food review for Viv's Boutique Cafe & Restaurant which is located in TTDI.

I really love the well-designed environment in this boutique cafe as it really has a cosy yet stylish atmosphere. It's suitable have a chilling session with your friends if you're looking for a quiet yet stylish environment.

So let's straight move in to the dishes that we've tasted that day!

#1. Mushroom soup (RM15.80)

The first dish we were served is the appetizer, mushroom soup. This mushroom soup contains a several mixture of selected mushrooms such as shitake, oyster, buno shimeiji and button mushroom and it was served with two pieces of garlic bread. Personally think that the soup is quite salty and heavy, and same thing goes to the garlic bread. But if you're a heavy taster, you're gonna love it very much.

#2. Tapas Prawn Balloon (RM18.50)

Next up, this very special looking dish is the tapas prawn balloon that consist of trio fresh grilled prawn served with season vege ratatouille, lime wedges and papadum in a short pinot noir (not sure if it has another name for the short version?)

The prawn taste very fresh and chewy. I personally don't really like the taste of bell peppers, but the mixture of the sauce, lime and the veges on top of the papadum are seriously delicious! Really recommend you guys to try out this dish because I definitely gonna order it in my next visit!

#3. Chef Salad Platter (RM14.90)


Salads can never be missed out in every Western cuisine! The Mesclun salad that served with green & black kalamata olive, cherry tomato, onion ring, capsicum julienne, crouton (bread cuttles) & tossing with aioli served with mango citrus dressing did not disappoint me! I can't get enough of the mango citrus dressing because the sweetness enhanced the taste of the salad.

#4. Bento Set Chicken Dry Chillies (RM18.90)


Honestly I'm surprised of the existence of bento set in this restaurant because the restaurant doesn't look like they will serve some Japanese food. This chicken bento set comes with dice of chicken leg that cooked with specialty sauce, Japanese garlic, vege tempura, fresh cut fruit, mixed salad and everyone's favourite, teriyaki sauce. The taste of the chicken and the fried rice is just perfect for me as they are not too heavy or tasteless.

#5. Slow Braised BBQ Short Ribs (RM38)


I don't really know about the names of the part in animal meat, but this dish made me know about what is short ribs because it taste really really really good! The Slow Braised BBQ Short Ribs used the best short ribs in special BBQ sauce accompanied by garden vege, cherry tomato confit and sesame mashed potato. The meat is tender that you can definitely tell on your first taste. Honestly, I'm not a meat person, but I will order this if I got the chance! But the mash potatoes was a little bit to hard, hope that it's just our dish.

#6. Mango Injection Salmon (RM35)


Are you excited by just the name of the dish?! Mango injection in a salmon, are you serious?! I'm in heaven! The pan grilled salmon infused with mango sauce served with sesame mashed potato, vegetable glaze, pumpkin puree and side of unagi reduction, I just can say that I love how they taste!

Viv's Boutique cafe do serve cakes and other desserts as well, but too bad for me that I don't get to try them out as I left earlier that day.

Now let me show you some of the beverages that we've ordered. No reviews will be given cause I only tried my own hot chocolate.

Hibiscus & Lime Sparkling Juice (RM10.90)

Cold Latte (RM12)

Grape & Lemon Honey Smoothie (RM11.90)

Viv's Ciocolata (Hot Chocolate) (RM12)

Melon & Mint (Signature Ice Blended) (RM14)

Choco Monster (Signature Ice Blended) (RM14)

Tropical Paradise (Signature Ice Blended) (RM16)

Hot Cappuccino (RM10)

Not forgetting to have a group photo with other food bloggers! Glad to meet all of them!

Here's just some of my suggestion to the cafe itself. There are a few of us (bloggers) came early to the cafe, of course we'll have to wait for everyone to arrive before we start the food tasting session. But the waiters never thought of serving sky juices for us who are waiting, and we were really thirsty as the weather at 1pm is really frustrating. Plus, the air-conditioner isn't functioning well that day, what a torture! If it's just either one happened, I won't blame.

I hope what happened to us will not happen to anyone of you. I honestly think that the food in overall is pretty good and feel free to pay them a visit to try out the foods!

Viv's Boutique Cafe & Restaurant

Operating Hours:

Mon - Fri : 10.30am - 11pm

Sat & Sun : 9am - 11pm


No. 16, Ground Floor,

Jalan Wan Kadir 1,

Taman Tun Dr Ismail,

60000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-77337911 | Mobile: 017-4970795



Oh right. Remember I mentioned that I was invited under OpenSnap? Do you know about the phone app, OpenSnap?

OpenSnap (Product of OpenRice) is a phone app where it gathers food lovers to share or find restaurants and foods all over the country.

This app is really convenient! At the homepage, you can straightly look for anything you want, such as nearby food, editor's pick and offers! If you're looking for a particular cuisine, you can just scroll down and choose the cuisine you want!

I used have the habit to snap all the foods I ordered before I eat onto my Snapchat. OpenSnap also has the feature where you can instantly snap your food, upload them to the app and directly share your thoughts on the foods.

Another special feature is you can add cute stickers onto your images to make everything a lil bit more interesting! And I really love that I can bookmark photos or restaurant so that I can find back the restaurant that I wanted to try easily!

For me, besides looking for food nearby to try out, this app is important for me to check out

the rating of the restaurants and foods in certain places.

This is my profile. Do find me and follow me!

For more information, kindly visit:


Website | Facebook

Download OpenSnap

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Date of Visit: Apr 25, 2015 

Dining Offers: 試食活動

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