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THE Seremban Siew Pau Smile Jun 04, 2014   
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Categories : Chinese | Bakery / Cake / Kuih

Born & bred in Seremban but living in KL, crave siew pau as comfort food whenever I get the chance.
Grew up with many brands from Seremban, and I gotta say this:
If Seremban siew pau is considered the hallmark of Seremban comfort food, then Asia Siew Pau is the flagship of all siew paus. Asia's Fuyong Siew Pau FTW~!

Besides siew pau, if you're ever going to make the effort of going to Asia Siew Pau; you should also check out their other items as well.
Notably the egg tarts, pineapple tarts & their bahulu-styled mini cakes (or as they call it the kai tan zhai)...
No regrets. Ever. Guaranteed.
Supplementary Information:
Don't be discouraged by its set-up. May not have much visually enticing sights at this premise but humility & modesty is the key factor of their success. CAUTION: Aromas coming from the wares in their ovens may cause involuntary salivation.
Recommended Dish(es):  Fuyong Siew Pau,Eggtarts,pineapple tarts,kai tan zhai
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