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Instagram-worthy Soft Serve Smile Nov 26, 2015   
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Categories : Western variety | Café | Ice Cream / Froyo / Gelato | Desserts

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KOONE started its soft opening on 12th November 2015 and I decided to visit them over the weekend. The softserve parlour is few doors step away from The Replacement- Lodge & Kitchen to give you a clue of the exact location. KOONE is also just next door to TIP, The Ice-Cream Project. The competition heat just gets hotter along Jalan Dhoby with the hipster café. You can read the foods and cafes guide by foot post for more cafes option.
Other than its striking pink colour building, I am impressed with its entrance door. It’s the swinging door where it swings open on being pushed or pulled from either side or then swings closed by itself.


Since, it has two storeys, we went up to 2nd level for seats. The place was painted in light greyish and pink gives the interior looks spacious and bright. There are also individual hanging lightbulbs to shine and serve as the decorations as well. I wouldn’t mind chilling here with a group of friends.
Their menu is simple and straightforward and quite similar to Via Tokyo in terms of the softserve serving.
BASIC RM10.00 

here are 4 flavours currently ( French vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Japanese Matcha and Nova Yogurt). We had dark chocolate and it comes with the liquid nitrogen that lasts for approximately 30 seconds. Indeed an instagram-worthy soft-serve I would say. Taste wise was creamy and thick. But I think the smoothness need to tweak a bit. Nevetheless, I find it fine.

Matcha softserve with Japanese dango, azuki beans, green tea soils, drizzled with wild honey and topped with red velvet donuts. The matcha (Japanese green tea) flavour was not rich enough as compared to the ones I had in Singapore and Via Tokyo but it is still not bad in context of Johor standard. I enjoyed it with the crunchy green tea soils that were added in to enhance the dessert plate.

Overall I would say the soft serves here are served in interesting ways to enhance the visual satisfaction. The soft serves are creamy and delectable. I wouldn’t mind coming back again for the desserts and the ambience of the shop.
Table Wait Time: 10 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Nov 15, 2015 

Spending per head: Approximately RM16(下午茶)

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