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Wonderful Afternoon Tea Smile Aug 02, 2020   
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Categories : Japanese | Chinese | Café | Juices / Bubble Tea / Tea / Yogurt

It was boiling hot today.  After visiting Penang Street Arts, we felt exhausted and thirsty so we looked for an air-conditioned tea house. On the way back to our hotel, we saw this tea house which looked nice. Therefore, we entered and had a seat.

Immersed ourselves in the nicely-decorated tea house and the soft music, we felt relaxed and forgot the hot weather outside.
We ordered a cup of hot orange tea and a cup of iced oolong tea. The hot orange tea  which was filled with the pleasant odour of dried mandarin peels made me refreshed. Less sugar would be much healthy. The iced oolong tea was less sweet than the orange tea and could quench our thirst.

In addition, we ordered a set of fried chicken sandwich. The cabbage made the fried chicken  less oily. Together with the pan-fried egg, the sandwich tasted more delicious.


We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon tea in this tea house!
Recommended Dish(es):  orange tea, oolong tea, fried chicken sandwich
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Date of Visit: Nov 02, 2019 

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