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Most nice dessert in town Smile Oct 03, 2012   
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Categories : Taiwanese | Stall / Warung | Desserts

Snowflake is Taiwanese dessert where the ice fill with few kind of topping. Three kind of ice to choose and one of famous topping is yam.Best seller are my favorite choice and last week I decided to try on their new flavor, Japan ocha flavor. Ice is green tea base and very delicious to eat. I was not regret to test on this new flavor. One ice around RM7.50 is actually quite expensive for average income worker but nice dessert that cant stop me from keep visit snowflake cafe. It is really best dessert in town.

One more thing to take notes is they have reward card where ten purchase can exchange one beverage for free. Remember to take from cashier when purchase.
Date of Visit: Sep 29, 2012 

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