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FIRST AND LAST Cry Apr 24, 2019   
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Categories : Chinese | Western variety | Restaurant | Seafood

Ok... begini yaa... Saya nak buat review psal ni restaurant. At first, I saw  this restaurant has good vibe and they had promotion at that time. So, my friend and I went to eat at this restaurant. We pick sweet and sour chicken rice which that time the menu has promotion and gives free drinks. It gives me a good impression. Until, when we got the drinks (ice lemon tea), the drinks was too sour and lack of sugar. So, we ask for sugar for our drinks. and still, its too sour! Well we just drink it. Then, when the waiter give our food, our expectation ruins! Why? The portion was too small. Well, if they gonna do promotion to get customers, they need to try impress the customer. And they fail. We eat our foods and the taste was not enough to me. There are something lack. Sweet? Sour? Erm... In conclusion, half of one star I give. Thank you for your service!
Supplementary Information:
Table Wait Time: 10 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Apr 24, 2019 

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