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Cuisine in the Dark Smile Mar 05, 2019   
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Categories : Multi-Cuisine | Restaurant

We decided to have dinner at this place to celebrate our wedding anniversary. From the outside look, you may feel a little disappointed as it is in a shop lot and the surrounding shops are not exactly fancy. However, as you go up the stairway, you'd emerge on the first floor feeling slightly curious or even excited as the lounge area is dimly lit with fairy lights above the ceiling (giving you a starry-night kinda feeling). It was lovely. Here, you will be greeted by one or two chaperones. There will be a brief introduction and then you will get your welcome drinks. The fun starts right here! Before you get to take a sip, you'd be asked to guess the flavours of your drink. Then you will be blindfolded and be given a little challenge or task. I guess these warm-up activities are simply done to get you used to the idea that you will need to rely on your senses alone when dining. It was a refreshing way to begin our dinner of course. Once we were guided inside the restaurant, it was a whole new different experience...which i will 'leave you in the dark' for now ;p You have to go find out for yourself on what happens next...
Supplementary Information:
Every taste, sound and feeling will be amplified. Your senses will be heightened. It does something to you...
Recommended Dish(es):  Dessert!
Table Wait Time: 10 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Mar 04, 2019 

Celebration:  紀念日 

Spending per head: Approximately RM138(晚餐)

Dining Offers: 試食活動

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