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Categories : Chinese | Restaurant | Noodles | Mixed rice | Porridge

Paik Siong Restaurant (百祥茶室) is located in Taman Kinrara. I've known this restaurant through the recommendation of a friend, and have since been a regular there, as well as gotten to befriend the family running Paik Siong. They are hardworking and kind folks, who try to make everything themselves, from the side relishes/condiments to the homemade noodles. 

They specialize in Hokkien style noodles. Some of my favorites include : Chicken Ginger Rice Wine noodles, Dan Yan (蛋燕),  Normal style noodles/Shou Gong Mian(手工面)(either dry/soup/seaweed soup/fried), Wo Bian Hu (锅边糊). All of these are simply delicious, the noodles are springy and well made. Other than that, they also serve Assam Laksa (of which they use homegrown mint leaves and bunga kiatan to make), SiuMai and  Economy rice. It's hard to find such quality Assam Laksa in KL especially.  

Also you MUST try the drinks! They serve very special drinks like Ginger Tea, Barley and Golden Pumpkin drink, special Liang Cha and homemade Rice Wine, and many more.

Last but not least, when your food is served, you simply must try the food with their homemade relishes/condiments such as pickled radish, kimchi, preserved garlic etc. It's not only healthy, it also adds to the taste while whetting your appetite. 

You can feel the care and love they put into their food. It's a homey place, family owned, and the people are very nice and friendly, you can chat with them like many of the regulars do. Lastly, the price is more than affordable too, but the quality is like a delicious home-cooked meal. 




Paik Siong Restaurant 百祥茶室

Paik Siong Restaurant 百祥茶室

Side relishes that you can add to your food!

Side relishes that you can add to your food!

Recommended Dish(es):  Chicken Ginger Rice Wine noodles, Dan Yan (蛋燕), Normal style noodles/Shou Gong Mian(手工面)(either dry/soup/seaweed soup/fried), Wo Bian Hu (锅边糊), Assam Laksa
Table Wait Time: 5 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Feb 01, 2017 

Spending per head: Approximately RM7(午餐)

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