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Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe (Bangsar)
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Water Chestnut Cream with Sea Coconut 清润海底椰炖马蹄露
Water Chestnut Cream..
Barley Beancurd Skin with Gingko and Quails' Egg Soup 清润海底椰炖马蹄露
Barley Beancurd Skin ..
Double-boiled Pear with White Fungus and Red Dates 红枣雪耳炖雪梨
Double-boiled Pear ..
Green Tea Latte Hot
Green Tea Latte H..
Jujube Tea Hot
Jujube Tea Hot
Black Sesame Bomb
Black Sesame Bomb
Mango Snow Ice
Mango Snow Ice
Served with soup of the day, drink, veggie nugget, fried enoki mushroom
Served with soup of the..
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