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This is kelvin88 living in Setapak. I am a software engineer , work in Kuala Lumpur City Center. I like to hang out in Kepong, Setapak, Petaling Jaya (North). Asian, International/Western are my favorite cuisines. I also love Food court, Bar & Pub, Restaurant and Ice Cream / Froyo / Gelato, Steamboat/Hotpot, Seafood.
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This is miaomace living in Petaling Jaya (North). I am a designer, work in Petaling Jaya (North). I like to hang out in Kuala Lumpur, Damansara (PJ), Damansara (KL). Japanese, Malaysian variety, French are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café and Juices / Bubble Tea / Tea / Yogurt, Ice Cream / Froyo / Gelato, Desserts, sushi.

这一碗Mango Special Maruko的分量是非常的大份的,有非常多的芒果小丸子,怎么吃也吃不完。他们的小丸子吃起来非常有嚼劲。除了小丸子,还有许多芒果肉在内。天然的甜味,让人再吃也不觉得腻。价钱是 RM13。
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This is Danihecther . I am a graphic designer Japanese, Asian, Western variety are my favorite cuisines. I also love Bar & Pub, Restaurant and Steaks / Chops, Desserts, Seafood.

Their shabu shabu have quite a lot ingredient, but every thing just a little bit , or few slices only. have salmon fish , scallop, mushroom, pork slices, sotong , corn , some vegetables , meat ball, noodles and prawn. taste of the soup quite light, but consider good taste after we steam all the shabu shabu ingredient. Overall everything is fine for me just their portion is a bit small.
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This is kingsley_lee88 .

这个kangkung belacan我觉得马来盏的味道不是很好。吃起来还是有不足的地方,而且belacan的味道很表面,有点不是很实在的感觉。另外就是味道虽然闻起来很香,但是如果再辣一点就好了。
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