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This is jayareinn living in Batu Caves. I am a SECRETARY, work in Batu Caves. I like to hang out in Bukit Bintang, Bukit Damansara, Bangsar. Asian Variety, Chinese, Italian are my favorite cuisines. I also love Hotel Dining, Bar & Pub, Restaurant, CAFE and Steaks / Chops, Bak Kut Teh, Bakery / Cake / Kuih, BANANA LEAF.
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Eddy Rush
212 Review(s)
Level 4
This is Eddy Rush . Asian Variety, Chinese, Malaysian variety are my favorite cuisines. I also love Restaurant, Food court and BBQ, Bak Kut Teh, Steamboat/Hotpot.

Haraju Cube is not stranger name among Dessert lover in klang valley that their first started at Empire Damansara, I spot them earlier stage when their first outlet open and so sorry to say that I haven't step in Haraju Cube at all till today. Because when every time I passby there will be packed will dessert lovers, If I have a girlfriend and she will definitely love dessert then i...
164 Review(s)
Level 4
This is thealovetea living in Batu Caves. I am a radiographer, work in Kuala Lumpur City Center. Japanese, Western variety are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café and Desserts.

Might be a little tricky to locate them as they don't own a noticeable signboard, so just look for Mac City store, it's hiding at the inside corner. Limited dining space, major for take away purposes. Waiting time can be long, as all the cheese tart are freshly baked, batch by batch. RM7.90 per piece, surprisingly size is bigger than expected. I'm pretty amaze with the superbly cru...
172 Review(s)
Level 4
This is creme .

正! Smile  
网上疯传的cheese tart我终于有机会尝试啦! 那天朋友买了一粒 cheese tart ,趁热赶快拍了张照片就迫不及待放进嘴里。 还热的塔皮里面有着松软的芝士。我本来以为会是流动的芝士(好像流沙包那种)但原来不是,芝士不会动,咬下去挺松的,味道不太浓,所以吃一粒也不会腻。对我这种芝士爱好者来说刚好。但如果一下子吃三颗以上应该就会腻了。 很贵呢! RM8 一粒!
41 Review(s)
Level 3
This is graceminghuei living in Puchong Utama. I am a Student, work in Subang Jaya. I like to hang out in Bandar Utama, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya (South). Japanese, Western variety, Multi-Cuisine, Arabian are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café, Restaurant, Food Kiosk/Food Truck and Dim sum, Burgers / Sandwiches, Pizza/Pasta, Pastries .

The new spots show wasn't that obvious in sight but the interior and the lighting of the shop were pretty attractive. The environment is extremely tranquil and comfortable, definitely can brighten up your day or gives you a peaceful mind. The cakes and pies were supplied by the Humble Pie, one of my favourite place for desserts! The spaghetti aglio olio served was seriously tasty, with g...
16 Review(s)
Level 2
This is Bluieey living in Bandar Kinrara. I am a Nutritionist, work in Bandar Puteri. I like to hang out in Cheras, Puchong Jaya, Bandar Puteri. Thai, Chinese, Malaysian variety are my favorite cuisines. I also love Kopitiam and Dim sum, Desserts, Seafood, Thai food.

 So! It was our company Christmas dinner and out of all choices, we chose black market in USJ because it looked classy and affordable from online. They have 3 branches – The Main Place USJ,Kampung Pandan or St. mary place ,all with different operating hours .We was not disappointed with our chritmas dinner , meanwhile not very satisfied with it. We order two complete s...
Bowie Cheong
6 Review(s)
Level 2
This is Bowie Cheong living in Kajang. I am a Cake designer Thai, Japanese, Italian are my favorite cuisines. I also love Hotel Dining, Café, Restaurant and Porridge, Fine Dining, Seafood.

Still remember the craze when opening of the first Uncle Tetsu at 1 Utama? Long queue and a limited amount was instituted, people have to queuing up patiently for freshly baked cheesecakes, which take approximately 45 minutes. I always curious why peoples are crazy on Uncle Tetsu, so i google search and get to know their origin story. Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake began on Oyafukou ...
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