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This is ccbaobei .
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22 Review(s)
Level 2
This is Pauzai living in Kepong. I am a Outlet Manager, work in Kota Damansara. I like to hang out in Bukit Bintang, Bandar Utama. Japanese, French, German are my favorite cuisines. I also love Bar & Pub, Café, Restaurant and Steaks / Chops, Steamboat/Hotpot.

Its very hard to find a parking slot at this area during the day time. Luckily the ramen is worth the hassle. The soup is think and flavorful. Perhaps one of the best soup base so far. The noodles were cooked just nice. Highly recommended shoplollike
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Level 1
This is EasterYeoh .
422 Review(s)
Level 4
This is AirWalker living in Sungai Buloh. I work in Petaling Jaya (North). Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese are my favorite cuisines. I also love Kopitiam, Café, Restaurant and Dim sum, Nasi Lemak, Steamboat/Hotpot.

Fatboy's Burger Bar is one of the burger specialist in town. It is located at Publika, Solaris Dutamas. This is a Singaporean brand and this restaurant is the first outlet in Malaysia. It has modern interior design with white and black as the main colour. The wall has fancy cartoon wall sticker and they even put up their main menu on the wall. At the left end corner of the resta...
greedy eater
3 Review(s)
Level 1
This is greedy eater . I work in Bukit Bintang. Thai, Korean, Japanese are my favorite cuisines..

身为鱼头米粉的爱好者一直都觉得亚罗街(Jalan Alor) 的高佬鱼头米粉是佼佼者,每当午餐时间总是人山人海;所以我 通常选择早上去光顾。它的炸鱼鱼头米粉是我的不二选,原因:炸鱼肉即新鲜又脆,鲜奶适中,更重要的是这么多年来还是比 起别家的卖得便宜,普通小的一碗才RM6.50!(其实小的都已经很大碗)另外那边也有海鲜清汤、海鲜tom yam、鱼滑、鱼 鳔、咖喱鸡面供选择,全部都好吃但鱼头米粉还是我的最爱!!!tongue
61 Review(s)
Level 3
This is coleman22 living in Butterworth. I am a Student, work in Butterworth. I like to hang out in Jelutong, Tanjung Tokong, Butterworth. Japanese, Thai are my favorite cuisines. I also love and Buffet, Juices / Bubble Tea / Tea / Yogurt, Ice Cream / Froyo / Gelato.

It's well known that Penang has very good Nasi Kandar Nasi Kandar is just another masterpiece of Mamak of this cultural town The best of the best Nasi Kandar in Penang is definitely "Nasi Beratur" It is not hard to find it is just located beside the famous Kapitan Keling Mosque lets check some photo of it"Beratur" means queue up, and this is what really happens every nig...
Charlotte Gan
1 Review(s)
Level 1
This is Charlotte Gan living in Shah Alam (South). I work in Shah Alam (South). Japanese, Western variety are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café, Restaurant, Hotel Dining and Seafood, Pizza/Pasta.

New renovated Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant at Empire Hotel Subang offers an emperor-taste range of dim sum, with its emperor-feel of interior design, truly an indulgence for gourmet lovers smile
Yue Rain
77 Review(s)
Level 3
This is Yue Rain living in Mersing Town. I am a student, work in Mersing Town. I like to hang out in Mersing Town. Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian variety are my favorite cuisines. I also love and Dim sum, Desserts, Seafood.

When I was walking passed this restaurant, I always wonder about the price and whether it is good. Thanks to a friend's recommendation I decided to try it. There are few sets to choose for lunch and since I am curious about the Lotus leaf, I ordered Set B. It comes with few choice of drinks and dessert.The menu at The Zun ExpressThe Zun ExpressThe Zun Expressinterior...
chia yee
32 Review(s)
Level 3
This is chia yee living in Gelugor. I am a student, work in Gelugor. I like to hang out in George Town. Thai, Japanese are my favorite cuisines. I also love Restaurant and Halal, Juices / Bubble Tea / Tea / Yogurt, Dim sum.

Lassi!! Smile  
A Lassi is a very popular yogurt based drink that originates in the Punjab regions of India and Pakistan. They somewhat resemble a milkshake or smoothie and are made by blending the ingredients with fresh youghurts. The four lassi I taste are all sweet Lassi made with fruits. Those are Mango lassi, orange lassi and 2 kiwi lassi with the flavour some kind really like yogurts,I can j...
3 Review(s)
Level 1
This is lifemuses living in Kota Damansara. I am a HR Manager, work in Kerinchi. I like to hang out in Kota Damansara, Aman Suria, Mutiara Damansara. Thai, Japanese, Western variety are my favorite cuisines. I also love Hotel Dining, Café, Restaurant and Steaks / Chops, Seafood.

It's the 6 2 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak. The name is familiar and my guess is that they are previously from Section 17 which I've never tried before but heard reviews about it. Environment is nice and there have outdoor seating area besides the air-conditioned area. We ordered the Nasi Lemak and Fish & Chips.Total damage for 3 main and 2 drinks = RM41.
Coco Wei 12
35 Review(s)
Level 3
This is Coco Wei 12 living in Ampang. I like to hang out in Bukit Bintang, Kuchai Lama, Petaling Jaya. Western variety, Middle Eastern, German are my favorite cuisines. I also love Hotel Dining, Restaurant and Pizza/Pasta, Steaks / Chops, Steamboat/Hotpot, Italian .

It my first time having dinner here.shocked the first thing attract me is the environment at Setia Walk with the lake, garden, pub street and other. It was so beautiful at night with the L.E.D light hang on the street and the reflection of water. Okay, about the restaurant, it was held at second floor if I'm not wrong, then, we sat at the balcony while you can see the wide beautiful view o...
1 Review(s)
Level 1
This is frogwhisper living in Petaling Jaya (North). I am a StudentI like to hang out in Pudu, Petaling Jaya (North), Central Malacca. Korean, Japanese, Chinese are my favorite cuisines. I also love Restaurant, Stall / Warung and Dim sum, Desserts, Buffet.

马大靠近 University LRT Station,又有 Rapid KL 进入校园,所以学子们只需用上两块钱就能轻松到达 Mid Valley Megamall / The Gardens Mall (这两栋广场相连着)。我也一样,一样爱在这广场买些日常用品或食品,也爱在这里找食乐 和朋友聚一聚。所以,除了上回说过的 寿司三味,The Gardens Mall 里的 蓬莱茶房 也一样深得 我和 Ta 的 味蕾支持 tongue 这广场里有着 蓬莱茶房 和 蓬莱...
16 Review(s)
Level 2
This is chic_eats living in Bukit Jalil. I work in Dang Wangi.

Getting here: For those unfamiliar with Damansara Uptown, it is best to be armed with your GPS as getting here can be a tad bit tricky. This is as there are many roads and roundabouts along the way and a step into the wrong road can lead to a long U- Turn. Aside from the roads, a huge plus about the Restaurant is the many parking lots available. Finding parking is a ...
11 Review(s)
Level 2
This is elaine0408 living in Ampang. I like to hang out in Kuala Lumpur City Center, Cheras, Ampang. Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café, Restaurant, Fast Food and Desserts, Buffet, Sushi.

Highly recommend this restaurant name Metal Box which is located in empire damansara. Nice environment and top service. I had not waiting more than 10 minutes to get my food and beverage. I ordered Seafood Aglio Olio and Flat White for my lunch. Very satisfied for their food and service. Not much people maybe I went there on weekday. The size of the dish is small compare to othe...
240 Review(s)
Level 4
This is mimoyap living in Port Klang. I am a students, work in Setapak. Thai, Taiwanese, Japanese are my favorite cuisines. I also love Restaurant, Café and Seafood, Buffet.

The egg tart is also very crispy and the tastes is just nice. the egg flavor is fragrant. The fried shrimp dumplings is also crispy. I like shrimp dim sum since I like to eat shrimp and the shrimp used here is fresh and chewy. the siew mai also not bad.
2 Review(s)
Level 1
This is samanthalpt living in Cheras. I am a Admin, work in Cheras. I like to hang out in Cheras, Kuchai Lama, Sri Petaling. Asian, Western variety are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café, Restaurant, Kopitiam and Seafood, Noodles.

白萝卜焖鸡套餐,萝卜焖得好绵又软。味道咸度适中。下午三点钟之前还有套餐;套餐只售卖RM 11;包括一杯绿茶(Refill);一杯布丁;一碗糙米饭。好超值。一品鍋饭套餐,内有鸡肉,红萝卜和其他的配料。所有配料综合起来; 味道也不错。下午三点钟之前还有套餐;套餐只售卖RM 11;包括一杯绿茶(Refill);一杯布丁。好超值。日本豆腐蛋糕,吃起来有浓浓的豆腐味和底层的消化饼,味道清淡得来又不甜腻; 蛋糕软软又绵滑...
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