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This is jennatan33 .
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Level 4
This is zhileng .

charlie brown cafe 是一家很可爱的 cafe。。喜欢snoopy 的朋友想必一定会喜欢来这里。。这里的设计都很可爱,都已snoopy 一家为主。。就连蛋糕上面也会放他们的配角。。蛋糕的味道固然不错,但是价钱就贵了点。。
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Level 1
This is ariezee .

We went there to have Roti Bakar, Half Boiled Egg, BBQ Chicken Rice, Kwey Teow Soup. I can tell you the food is superb. Its Halal as its run by a Chinese Muslim. Their taste of roti bakar and half boil egg is superb. My sister ate their BBQ Chicken Rice and wanting for more. The Kwey Teow soup is delicious too. I tried their Mee Hailam too and its WO...
10 Review(s)
Level 2
This is zoey_hly living in Shah Alam. I am a SalesCo-ordinator, work in Puchong. Chinese, Malay are my favorite cuisines. I also love and BBQ, Steaks / Chops, Steamboat/Hotpot.

I love to have my breakfast at here. The wan tan mee are firm and springy and the soy sauce that accompanies the noodles is just perfect (as I always take it dry). Presentation’s good as they always come in clean plates and the way the food is arranged on the plates just invites you to dig in. Especially those char siew is in big slice. Normally I will request them not to put on pepper...
1 Review(s)
Level 1
This is ahteekitchen .

久仰大名关丹的Srijaya东阁包点, 自从去年的初次尝试, 我就爱上了他们的手工包点, 由于他们都当天制作, 所以包点的新鲜度肯定加分, 再来就是馅料丰富, 让你每一口都饱满享受, 而且面团还采用了天然发酵发, 包皮松软Q弹, 尤其是刚出炉的那一刻! 闻名而来, 为的就是这传统福州枕头包! 我特爱豆沙口味, 因为豆沙口感滑嫩绵密, 老板说, 这是他们自家式烹煮的红豆沙, 经过几个过程的处理, 相比与其它商家就是与众不同..RM 5.4...
7 Review(s)
Level 2
This is bryantkhteoh living in Cheras. I work in Cheras. I like to hang out in Kuala Lumpur. Taiwanese, Chinese, Western variety are my favorite cuisines. I also love and Bak Kut Teh, Steamboat/Hotpot.

为了感受美好的阳光,我选择了坐在落地窗前的位子。 但似乎不是个明智的选择,一开始没那么晒的话还好 之后太阳出来了,整片光直射着我。 好热。Teriyaki的酱很浓,把酱汁和鸡肉包裹在pita里完全融合。 鸡肉也不会硬邦邦,鲜嫩多汁。 薯条炸的很香脆,吃的时候我连番茄酱辣椒酱都不需要,直接点Teriyaki Sauce就好了。
48 Review(s)
Level 3
This is lingz91 living in Puchong Town Center. I am a StudentI like to hang out in Bandar Puteri, Puchong Town Center, Temerloh. Korean, Japanese, Chinese are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café and Ice Cream / Froyo / Gelato, Steamboat/Hotpot, Seafood.

It's a pork and beef burger restaurant which in Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya. After I eat pork burger from Burgertory, i can sure that it's nicer than burger lab, burger lab just nothing special and the taste like normal. Compare with Burger Lab, burger from burgertory have a big potion and more juicy. Burger Lab is good in their brand but Burgertory is good taste. Try it yourse...
39 Review(s)
Level 3
This is TheJessicat living in Damansara Perdana. I am a Blogger at TheJessicat.comI like to hang out in Kuala Lumpur City Center, Mutiara Damansara, Bangsar. Japanese, Middle Eastern, Mexican are my favorite cuisines. I also love and Seafood, Buffet, Steaks / Chops.

Frenchie! Smile  
I’ve always been a fan of fine dining – come to think of it, isn’t everybody? Hmm I’m pretty sure if we all had enough moolah to throw around, everyone would be flocking to those fine dining spots and posh eateries already. Chef Jerome, the Executive Chef cooks up a storm! In this new menu presentation, we were served with fine portions and a good combination of foie gras, musse...
321 Review(s)
Level 4
This is tunapanda living in Petaling Jaya. I am a StudentI like to hang out in Kuala Lumpur, Damansara (KL), Subang. Asian, International/Western, Special, Anything and Everything are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café, Restaurant, Bistro and Pizza/Pasta, Burgers / Sandwiches, Ice Cream / Froyo / Gelato, Sashimi, Sushi, Lasagna, Dim Sum.

About Chicago Rib House The Chicago Rib House brings to Malaysia the legendary tradition of good old Chicago ribs, which is steeped in 70 years of history. Pioneered in 2010, the hip and fun American diner styled restaurant is famous for the pork ribs and all time American BBQ favourites, smoldered in secret homemade sauces. With the tagline 'Built on Love, Peace...
Sue Chen
2 Review(s)
Level 1
This is Sue Chen living in Bukit Mertajam. I am a StudentI like to hang out in George Town. I also love Restaurant, Kopitiam and Seafood, Banana Leaf, Coffee.

First off, place was really nice, especially suited for a yum-cha session. However, options are limited. There were only two choices - Red Valentine and Triple Chocolate - where waffles are concerned. The rest of the occupants in the menu board are beverages. They do serve crepe as well if I'm not mistaken. Since waffles were narrowed down to only two choices, I had really hi...
1 Review(s)
Level 1
This is vitajeanne living in Kepong. I am a admin I also love Juices / Bubble Tea / Tea / Yogurt.

老地方 Ok  
好久沒有去sushi zanmai地說 因爲方便同事們 就選了了他 因爲價錢公道 味道也ok 而且每次去到都要排隊呢~ 而且 看來他的menu換了 (據説老闆換了) 我叫得〉〉 忘記叫什麽了 我記得價錢而已 21.9我喜歡蝦子 很脆啊 ~同事叫得 他說他最近愛上綠茶XD另外一個同事叫的慣例的 ika~
401 Review(s)
Level 4
This is wmlwong living in Kuchai Lama. I work in Kuala Lumpur City Center. I like to hang out in Kuala Lumpur City Center, Puchong Jaya, Bandar Sunway. Korean, Japanese, Malaysian are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café, Restaurant, Kopitiam, new restaurants in particular and Seafood, Mixed rice, Dim sum, japanese food.

I had this Pandan sponge cake with kaya, served with a scoop of ice-cream and mangos as my dessert after my lunch meal. I love sponge cake and having it plain will complete me. smile Since JP Teres has come out with something different and it was highly recommended, I decided to have one. Although, I would prefer to enjoy one in its original way without any fancy things but with hig...
3 Review(s)
Level 1
This is verasoo living in Petaling Jaya (North). I am a Web Consultant, work in Kuala Lumpur. I like to hang out in Kuala Lumpur, Damansara (PJ), Petaling Jaya. Thai, Korean, Chinese, Italian are my favorite cuisines. I also love Food court, Hotel Dining, Café and Juices / Bubble Tea / Tea / Yogurt, Dim sum.

One have to venture, explore around to find out what to eat within a limited budget. As the night approach, it began to get even colder. So cold that all I wished for is a hot meal. Since it was a weekend, the food court was full pack and I didn't want to spend on set meals that I cannot finish. I didn't want to take away & walk back all the way to the hotel. So the only options lef...
3 Review(s)
Level 1
This is c.bradly living in Puchong. I work in Damansara (KL). I like to hang out in Damansara (PJ), Puchong, Petaling Jaya. Japanese, French, Multi-Cuisine are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café, Restaurant and Dim sum, Seafood, Pizza/Pasta.

Salmon!! Smile  
Love to come to this place for dining. Simply because i can pick my fresh ingredients at Jaya Grocer and pass it to the kitchen crew to prepare it. I always like to get fresh salmon from the crushed ice shelf, with some greens and give it to the kitchen crew to make two of my favorite dishes - Salmon Pasta and Salmon Salad. It reminds me so much in Aussie fresh market! Nevertheles...
John Toh
1 Review(s)
Level 1
This is John Toh .

Heng Kee Restaurant is an Traditional Family Cooking style restaurant.1.Traditional Herbs Chicken 药材鸡.Fried Kangkung 豆瓣炒空心菜.Steam Pork Belly with preserved vegetable 梅菜扣肉. The foods is tasty and with the traditional style cooking which is rare in this new era of time , you and your friends or family can have a traditional Penang chinese style home cooking h...
15 Review(s)
Level 2
This is kongchristine .

Alrighty! I heard Max's foods consists of MSGs but couldnt care more since we were so hungry. We ordered main dishes like Oriental style fried rice and Stir fried pork chop with chinese style BBQ will never go wrong with the pork chop with bbq sauce when you have a 3year old with you around. The fried rice is one of our favorite amongst the variety of fried rice off...
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