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This is WendyLee living in Kuala Lumpur City Center. I am a MIS, work in Kuala Lumpur City Center. I like to hang out in Kuala Lumpur City Center, Petaling Jaya (North). Korean, Chinese, Western variety, Arabian are my favorite cuisines. I also love Hotel Dining, Bar & Pub, Café, Sporting and optimistic life philosopher and Desserts, Any delish food that is cheese-related.
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SANN YUAN GOURMET HOUSE   2015-10-24 03:56124.13.x.x
hihi friend, pls visit my homepage and like my homepage > . thanks ~
Tangkak Beef Noodle   2015-07-14 19:48183.171.x.x
Hi Wendy,
I am the owner from tangkak beef noodle, we have few branches in kuala lumpur area! you can get our location from the website I am actually to invite you to write a review to our beef noodle, i hope you can help to promote local favourite food!
pls contact me at 0166661133
Re: Tangkak Beef Noodle   2015-07-15 00:35
Hi Chia Hee,

Thank you for the invitation smile

Sure, let's keep in touch and we can plan it out.
Here are the links to my blog and feel free to share any info about your cafe.


Thanks in advance and have a great week ahead!

Famous Beef Noodles from Kelantan   2014-07-11 12:35175.136.x.x
My favourite food - the best Beef Noodles in Restoran KH20, Puchong Jaya. for the past 20 and more years I had to go to Kelantan every year to eat this Jalan Hamzah 林祥記牛腩麵 and even 'ta pau' back to KL. Now I just go to Puchong Jaya whenever I feel like eating beef noodles. Cheers to KB Beef Noodles for bringing the best of Kelantan to the Klang valley folks.
see fb link:
The on;y OPENRICER !   2014-05-16 10:09175.141.x.x
1750 Reviews and over 6000 pictures, wow.

Re: The on;y OPENRICER !   2014-05-16 11:01
Hello Teppanpau,

Nice to see you heresmile

Oh, haha....i actually did not notice that, but hey, thanks for informing! Hehe..

May be because i love food and enjoy appreciating them by photographying them, so.............hope you don't mind if it overflows your page yea tongue

Meanwhile, do share any yummies places that you found over here at Open Rice too yea, so we all could exchange idea on where are the best places to dine. It's a pretty good platform actually engaging everyone, especially foodies tongue

Till then, looking forward to your yummy sharing and lotsa "Teppan" dishes? (=

  2012-09-30 10:40210.195.x.x
it didn't gave any notification to me on your reply. just saw it when i click in your account.
i add you in FB anyway, surprisingly we have a mutual friend. guess we should chat over there, since this message board really unnoticeable....hihi!
Re:   2012-10-01 09:56

Hey gal!

No worries^^Luckily it did send notification into my mailbox lol.. You wanna check you gave them the correct email? hehe....just joking!

Sure, had already loop you in my FB network already. So we shall keep in touch over there yea!

Till then, tak good care while still enjoying all the yummies out there, k?

  2012-09-16 12:36175.143.x.x
hopefully u still remember me, i'm the girl who join the moon cake feast at purple cane.... (:
i do always follow your review, hopefully i didn't mistake you with some one else.
Re:   2012-09-16 15:58
Hey gal,

Nice to meet you here again! Yea, you're right, no worry ^^ I still remember u, ur such a cute and adorable smiling girl yesterday smile

Thank you! Do share any feedback should you have anything to add to my review ya. After all, we learn from each other right?^^

Guess we are connected because we are real foodies! Hehe. So let's keep in touch and discover more nice food out there yea!

Till we meet again, take good care & have a great week ahead k?

Best regards,
Wendy smile
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