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Lot 2456, Jalan Boulevard 2A/1, Boulevard Commercial Centre
Bacon Tart Big Breakfast Smoked Salmon Benedict Watermelon Juice
Lot 2421, Ground Floor, Boulevard Commercial Centre, Jalan Miri Pujut
Miri / Chinese / Noodles / RM10 and below
Ginger Egg Fried Rice House Speciality Hot & Spicy Pan Mee Sichuan Piquant Pan Mee Traditional Sarawak Noodles
2497, Jalan Boulevard 3, Boulevard Commercial Centre
Jalan Merpati
Miri / Chinese / Noodles / RM11 - RM20
Lot 1401, Block 1, Jalan Agama, Lutong
Caramel Cheese Cup Cake Chocolate Tart Chicken Ham Panini Sandwiches Cappuccino Hazelnut Latte Green Tea Latte
Lot 523, Ground Floor, Pelita Commercial Centre, Jalan Pelita
Billion Dolar Burger Hawaii Burger The Nutty Profesor Burger
Lot 2376, Ground Floor, Boulevard Commercial Centre
Lot 564-565, Lutong Bazaar, Jalan Miri - Lutong
Miri / Chinese / Seafood / RM10 and below
Chicken Porridge Deep Fried Pork Leg Butter Prawn
Jalan Pelita
Miri / Chinese / Kopitiam / RM10 and below
Chicken Chop Kuey Chap Mee Kolok Merah Roti Canai
Lot 3007 - 3008, Jalan Morsajaya
Miri / Chinese / Mixed rice / RM10 and below
Chicken Rice Nasi Campur
Miri Waterfront Commercial Centre, Jalan Pala
Miri / Chinese / Kopitiam / RM10 and below
3 Layered Pork Butter Milk Chicken Butter Prawn
Grand Palace Hotel, 2km, Jalan Miri-Pujut, Pelita Commercial Centre
Miri / Chinese / Dim sum / RM21 - RM40
Steamed Phoenix Claw in Minced Garlic Chicken Cube with Dried Oysters and Prawns Shanghai Siew Long Pau Fried Seafood Spring Roll
Pelita Commercial Centre, Jalan Pelita
Miri / Chinese / Kopitiam / RM10 and below
Fried Kueh Tiaw Kolo Mee Roasted Pork
Lot 1090 - 1091, Block 9, Jalan Merpati
Miri / Malay / Halal / RM10 and below
Kueh Teow Goreng Mee Goreng Mamak Nasi Ayam Goreng Nasi Lalapan