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Za Jiang Mian Beef Noodle
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Level2 2016-04-06
Ting Noodle House has been opened for many years....when i first visited the place, the first thing that caught my eye was the chef. Boy was he eye catching, he had very very curly hair. Perhaps that is why he specializes in noodles?But anyways, on the wall of this little coffee shop hands many cooking certificates and newspaper clippings on its food so it's definitely worth a review.1. Dry Minced Pork NoodleWhat i liked about this dish was that the noodles felt and tasted like it was personally made within the kitchen. Not the typical commercial noodles you buy from grocery stores. Also, there was a lot of fried crispy shalots, spring onions, minced pork and sesame oil to give it a very silky smooth yet heavy and tasty aftertaste. as an added bonus, there were heaps of crunchy bean sprouts, a half of a boiled egg that had been cooked in dark brown sauce (gave a light and salty stase to the egg which i liked) as well as a very juicy toufu. The noodle was however a wee bit too oily for me.2. Wanton SoupMy dad had this dish and being a wontan fan for many many years, he can distinguish good wontan soup from lousy ones. And for this particular dish, he gave it a thumbs up. Which means alot as my dad is very very critical of food. The soup was flavorful and not too salty and the filling was rich with spices and full of meat. The skin fo the wontan was probably also made in the kitchen which is why it was slightly thicker than the wontans you would get elsewhere.3. Hot BarleyIf you look at the attached photos, you can actually see steam slowly rising up from the cup. It was hot and steaming and freshly cooked. Very refreshing after an oily bowl of noodles. continue reading
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