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Level2 2015-12-16
If you're a fan of Taiwanese (fusion) food then look no further! This little Taiwanese Cafe sells quite an impressive range of Taiwanese fusion food. Nestled on the first floor of a shoplot at the Bouevard area, this quaint little shop is nicely decorated with led lights and tree branches. Sounds weird but it's actually a very innovative design by the owner. It's very often frequented by the young adults as well as working group and can be quite packed during the lunch hour. They serve a variety of food from their famous fried chicken (50% off every tuesday) to bubble teas and all kinds of rice and noodle dishes.I gave their minced meat rice and bubble green tea a try and here's what i think:Bubble green teaThe tea is light and refreshing and is not overly sweet. They serve the drinks in plastic cups with covers so you can actually enjoy the drinks at their shop or just take it with you when you want to leave.Minced Meat RiceThe minced meat rice is served in borwn paper wrapped inside a dim sum basket which i find very interesting. The owner gets to save on his diswashing liquid as he won't have to wash plates haha!On to the taste. The rice is cooked with a little barley...and this lends an aromatic smell to the rice. It also comes with steamed veggy, a halved boiled egg which has been dipped in soya sauce as well as a lot of minced meat cooked with star anis. This is by far one of the most interesting dishes i have come across. The chili that comes with the rice also surprised me. It is extremely hot and spicy. KFC should try and copy the level of their spiciness. It made my husband's face go red just eating it but he swore it was the best chili ever.So go on, pop into the shop and give it a try. You won't be disappointed!  continue reading
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