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Level2 2016-02-29
Mention ST3 in Kuchingnites will point you to the building's unofficial ambassador....Rusty Bean & Batter. This shop is a must visit if you happen to drop by ST3 which is not known just as 'neh...the building opposite the Spring' but also a haven for foodies.This Chinese new year, my husband and I brought our little 2 year old monster....I mean toddler for tea at Rusty Bean & Batter. We ordered their signature Rusty Fairy, orange juice and Momento Pancake. Rusty Fairy reviewEverytime we visit the shop, my husband will order this dish without fail. This dish comes with a very sweet and innocent looking cotton candy on a stick. Basically you dip the cotton candy in your coffee (in this case it was an originally very bitter espresso), let the candy gradually dissolve in the coffee to sweeten it and finally pour some caramel sauce in your cup to add some zest to the flavor. The result? A perfectly blended espresso with a hint of sugary sweet caramel! This is one heavenly drink I must say.Orange juice review Normally, one cannot go wrong with orange juice. But on that particular day, the juice guy (not sure what you call them) accidentally added carrots to the orange juice (not exactly a carrot fan here) and add the fact that the juicer was probably not cleaned properly prior to juicing the orange - carrot juice..the end result was an orange carrot juice that tasted weird ( probably bits of pulp from the previous juicing made it into our juice). But no matter...my ever hungry toddler finished the whole glass at one go. No complaints from him so I guess it's OK after all. Momento Pancake Ahhhhh.....throw in warm fluffy pancakes and drizzle then with melting chocolate sauce and chunks of strawberries and blueberries. A dish worthy for the king! Gets my vote as best dish of the day. Even Gordon Ramsey would have loved it. So all in all, Rusty Bean & Batter didn't disappoint. We'll definitely be back again! Just remember to wash your juicer guys! continue reading
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