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Level2 2016-01-12
The French are famous for their butter cakes called Madeleine. Sweet little Madeleinne comes in the shape of a petite looking shell and tastes very much like our local 'kenengko' aka local egg cake.So when a pastry shop called Madeleine opened up at our local shopping centre, I just had to pop in and give it a try.The shop has a clean and airy feel...a major part of the walls and ceiling are constructed from glass panels / windows thus allowing warm sunlight into the shop. A plus for me as I find it very cosy and comfortable. (Mind you the air conditioning at the spring can be a little too cold for comfort at times)Anyways onto the food....oh the glorious food. We ordered a strawberry shortcake, a green tea cake, a Danish, a cafe latte (hubby's obsession) and chamomile tea (my obsession).The strawberry shortcake is officially my favourite. At first I was worried that the cream would be too thick and that they would use canned strawberries but boy was I wrong. In top of the cake sits a round thin biscuit (crispy!) and there are freshly sliced strawberries sandwiched between the vanilla cream cake! I was literally shoving them into my mouth hoping that my husband wouldn't take more than a mouthful.The green tea cake was also a pleasant surprise. The top of the cake was decorated (with icing and almond nuts) to make the cake look like a beach side (refer to the photos). It wasn't too sweet and wasn't too dense. Just nice for my taste buds and it went really well with the chamomile tea (which by the way was very aromatic)The Danish was crispy on the outside and nice and flaky on the inside. Turned out to be my son's favourite dish. The cafe latte came with a complimentary little cake / biscuit.....the famous Madeleine. It complimented the coffee well but on its own, the little cake tasted just ok. Not that it matters as I don't expect any Madeleine to ever blue anyone's taste buds away ever.If you do happen to shop at the Spring, do pop into Madeleine for tea or brunch. They have a variety of other cakes, pastries and bread (all of which look very tempting). I'd like to add that the manager (I'm assuming it's the manager) was very helpful and attentive. He secured us a nice little spot even when the shop was busy and full and made sure we had all our orders correctly served. Nothing like a shop with excellent customer service continue reading
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