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Level2 2016-06-09
Korean food lovers listen up! There's an authentic Korean Restaurant at Premier 101 Kuching that serves wonderful and mouth watering Korean dishes. The name of the shop? 'Koreana' ( it's a smack in your face name just in case you didn't know they sell Korean food). This time, my dad and I ventured to this restaurant for a Bulgogi lunch and boy was it gooooooooooood!At less than RM50, we were treated to a hot plate of sizzling beef marinated in sweet soya sauce and tossed with caramelized onions. 5 (read refillable) side dishes accompanied the bulgogi and they were boiled sweet black beans, the spicy but refreshing cabbage kimchi, steamed egg plants with a generous dose of ikan bilis and chilli, spinach with sesame seeds and crunchy but sweet radish kimchi. Mix all these with with their sweet and spicy bean sauce, scoop them into the freshly washed green leafy lettuce, place a few pieces of their juicy beef and wrap it up. Done? Pop the whole 'bulgogi wrapped in lettuce' into your mouth and be prepared to be blown away. It was thumbs up all the way.For those of you who don't like the idea of popping raw veggies into your mouth (for fear of e coli and whatnots), you can order a steaming bowl of fluffy white rice that comes in a stainless steel bowl. The combination of the bulgogi and refreshing side dishes with rice is also wonderful. It was so good I finished 2 bowls of rice. And since the side dishes are refillable you can just request for add ons and have them with your rice without the bulgogi. They are awesome one their own too!So if you're in the vicinity of premier 101, why not try out Koreana? You'll definitely be back for more. A note though, do not confuse Koreana with the other Korean Restaurant situated 2 blocks away. They belong to two different owners. continue reading
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