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Nasi Briyani Pudina Paratha Roti Canai Vegetable Tawa
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Level3 2015-12-08
Indian cuisine is not just about the performance of spices but the art of orchestrating the taste buds and the sensation.There were 3 sets offered during the Merdeka period: fish, chicken, and mutton and I opted for the first one. The set comes with the Briyani rice, fish curry, and the condiments include papadum and mango chutney. By merely looking at the mouth-watering presentation, it stimulates my appetite and triggers my excitement of wanted to scoop a spoonful, and of course the fragrance that follows has never failed me. There is only one thing that can make the fish better, it needs to be served hot, not warm.The mango chutney is easily stealing the attention from the main course, and words fail me for a while during the first nosh. This sweet and spicy serving is beautiful in colour and rich in taste. The ripe mango is well-blended in the spices and it wonders me, how on earth can this unique flavour be created! Just soaking yourself in King’s Curry with a lingering smell of curry and lock the unforgettable experience. continue reading
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