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A visit to John's Pie is a must if you are an avid fan of pastries. For this visit, my aunt and i ordered the following:1. Chocolate Cheese TartHmm hmm. Delicious! The pastry was compact and fluffy with a very aromatic buttery taste. The filling itself was a surprise too. The top of the tart was sprinkled with lots of sweet and bitter chocolate dust and at the very bottom of the pie saw a thin slice of chocolate biscuit which complimented tart's cheesy taste. It cost RM 5 for 2 pieces, a bit pricey but the taste makes it worthwhile. Would i order it again? You bet i will!2. Chicken Cheese PieJohn's signature chickcen cheese pie was as its name suggested. It had chicken chunks with a very light gravy (i believe they were bits of potatoes in it as well) and a generous dose of cheese. I thought it was good, plus the teddy bear imprint was very cute. But then again, ive never really tasted a bad chicken pie before. Like my aunt said, you cant go wrong with pies.3. Dilmah Jasmine Tea & Chamomile TeaA sip or two of flower scented teas is a must after downing cheessy pies and chocolaty tarts. And these drinks were very soothing and cooling. Me likey. continue reading
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