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Level2 2016-01-10
Ahhhhh....twas a fine hot afternoon when my husband and I ventured into the quaint little coffee shop with our little baby fast asleep in his stroller. Upon entering the shop, we were greeted with the sight of a wooden piano, small enough for a child of 3-4 years old to play with and yet grand enough for an adult to take Selfie with. The coffee shop is decorated with alot of motivational words printed on wooden planks and the tables themselves are made from old sawing machines. A little messy but interesting nonetheless. Now, on to the most important thing. The food of course. We ordered a cafe latte, peppermint tea, a durian fantasy cake and a peanut butter cheesecake. Fattening foods...but exercise can came later. The cafe latte and peppermint tea were not bad. Nothing to shout about, drinkable but not that memorable. But the cakes, Oh my, the cakes were entirely a different story. At first glance, the cakes looked only ok. Not too fancy but the staff there took the liberty of decorating the plates of the cakes ( which came in the form of mini wooden chopping boards) with words of encouragement like 'smile' & 'enjoy' in very thick and yummy chocolate sauce. Both cakes were also sprinkled with peanut bits on top to add a crunchiness to the cakes. The durian fantasy cake surprisingly had real and really fresh tasting durian bits...not just the paste mind you but real durian 'meat'. That was a pleasant surprise for both my husband and I ( baby notwithstanding as he was snoring away). The cake itself was light and spongy, not too heavy or sweet and that compliment the heavy taste and sweetness of the durian. I will definitely come back for this cake again.On to the peanut butter cheesecake. Full of peanut butter and rich in cheesy flavor. The first bite will make you want to dig in for more. The cake is flavorful and rich....it tasted great but do not eat this cake alone.....share it with your partner or friends. Why you might ask. As great tasting as this cake is, it can be a little to rich and after the 5th mouthful you might not  be able to take another bite. So how would I rate this like coffee shop? Its not the best but definitely one of the better ones in kuching. You won't regret dining there..it has wonderful cakes, pleasant drinks (they even serve Spaghetti and other western good which we haven't tried) and a relaxing ambience. So do visit the shop if you happen to be in city one. You might just fall in love with it.  continue reading
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